Tears are shed, clubs are thrown and friendships are tested in what may be the most ruthless match on the whole of YouTube! Peter Finch and Andy Carter test themselves on the links at Dundonald, where one error sees a club taken from your bag and lost for great – lose too many clubs and you are out!

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  1. Two mates having a laugh will always make a good video! Loving the camera angle behind the green on the par 3’s, maybe something for other holes?

  2. I would be out of clubs by the third hole…

    This reminds me I need to book my first lesson with Andy on Skillest!

  3. What a awesome format to play.. dont think i would have gone 7 holes… enjoy the banter between you and Andy. Always fresh content

  4. What a game, definitely a format for the low handicapper! Well done Pete, you looked down and out at one stage but held on brilliantly for the victory. πŸ˜€

  5. Well… technically, Andy’s 3rd shot was the shot for GIR, which could be argued to have cost him the driver as well πŸ™‚ Anyway, nice video, love you guys ^^

    1. Yeah, it’s a shame to see him cheat and keep driver in the bag. I guess you could say Karma took care of that though.

    2. @Andy Carter Golf
      You didn’t follow the rules. You missed the green in regulation with your 3rd shot. The 3rd shot was with driver. You should have lost driver. I don’t think you intended to cheat but you did keep a club you should have lost. Grey area??? Not a huge deal. I’ll keep watching.

  6. Great fun as always Finchy. I can’t help but feel rather aggrieved to have not won that one. But right now I’m in Dubai doing some warm weather training for our rematch

    1. Classic choke ….. we were all rootin for ya and you choked under the pressure and destroyed all your fans hopes and dreams πŸ˜€

  7. This was THRILLING!!! I’m going to play this with one of my buddies next week and add “3 putt and lose your putter”!! What do you think? 😁

    1. @Peter Finch Golf probably… but most likely I’ll lose my putter first so they won’t feel so bad haha

  8. I took your recommendation and played here just a few weeks ago! So cool to be able to see you guys playing holes and remembering being out there myself. Although, I was pretty much never in the fairway haha.

    Great video Pete, keep up the good work!

  9. Finch and Carter…how you two haven’t been snapped up by Sky or the BBC is beyond me!! Entertaining, informative and very funny…keep up the excellent work lads!!

  10. Never seen you guys concentrate so much on a round before. Have always felt that when any of you (Rick, Matt Andy and Peter) have been struggling then this course mgmt, conservative playing should have been what you turned to during the round, especially on the tight courses you play. Golf Sidekick is always promoting good course mgmt above all else and it has helped me more than any swing educational videos. He sometimes plays the whole course the way Peter had to play the last hole. Fantastic video and a nice twist on just a normal game between you two. Goes against all advice to just ignore the negatives and only think positive because all you can see are the negatives when you are worried about losing a club!.

  11. What a format! This is a brilliant idea well done! Love it when you two are together πŸ‘

  12. It’s turning into an addiction, waiting to watch yours, Matt’s, Ricky’s and Andy’s latest offering and to all of your credit it’s always worth the wait and the watch.. great stuff and keep them coming πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  13. The best challenge you’ve ever done on your channel Pete . Please , please do it again sometime in the future mate . Very well played Pete

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