Micah Morris vs Peter Finch at MOST DIFFICULT COURSE on PGA TOUR!!!

I handle in an impressive 18-hole stroke play match! I tee it up together with Micah at the Champion Course at PGA National – the most difficult course on the PGA TOUR …

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    1. Because he literally copies everyone else’s videos. Micha and Grant did this video months ago. It’s nothing new or exciting.

    2. @Oliver Smith Pete was on Youtube when Grant and Micah were still in high school so who is copying who?

  1. Been loving the content from these 2 fine gentleman , have great chemistry , hopefully we get too see more collabs 🔥

  2. This is just great content, you and Micah work so well together and it was a pleasure to just watch some good golf and some great banter. I really do hope that you guys sort some kind of “cartcam” out when you play with other guests.

  3. I know I’m late to the party but I’ve just discovered the Rough Cut podcast and it’s now my no.1. Pete and the team are a pleasure to listen to, great content and no gimmicks

  4. I gotta say I always watch both of your videos, and this is by the far the most relaxed i’ve seen BOTH of you with a guest on. Love to see it!

  5. I love seeing you guys working together!

    you guys talking about getting worse with practice. I have a saying I use any time I teach. “practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent.” Practicing bad habits will only cement those bad habits.

  6. hey guys, love the video! One thing you guys have to remember is, during the honda classic holes #6 and #10 play as par 4’s not par 5’s. Makes scoring a little tougher.

  7. I’ve been watching Micah for a few years now and it’s been great seeing his game grow..he’s a heck of a golfer..👍🏼👍🏼

  8. Could listen to Pete joke all day. Hilarious. Enjoyed Micah’s play. He has improved greatly!!!!!! Great video!

  9. Pete talking about adjusting for the pull and golf being golf was so relatable. Also, I did the same thing with my driver shaft, went lighter on a low torque shaft from an X to an A and hit it straighter and longer. The Autoflex idea works without spending $800.

  10. Pete, ive been watching you for 6-7 years and Micah for about 3. The both of you together is just outstanding. More colabs please. Great golf guys. Thanks

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