Last Golfer To Miss The Green Wins £1000! (Ft Mia Baker, Hannah Davies, ClubFaceUk, Seb On Golf)

The last golfer to miss out on the green wins a ₤ 1000 prize!!! I'm signed up with by Mia Baker, Hannah Davies, and Seb On at the dramatic Finca Cortesin for this legendary difficulty.

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Hannah Instagram: @hannahdaviesgolf
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ClubFaceUk YouTube: @ClubFaceUk
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Seb On Instagram: @sebcbrown4
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TikTok: @sebongolf

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Last Golfer To Miss The Green Wins £1000! (Ft Mia Baker, Hannah Davies, ClubFaceUk, Seb On Golf)

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  1. What you don’t realise is that Louis used a square ball filled with 3oz of lead and a rubber band to win the comp

    1. … and the club was an upside down left handed club, with a putter shaft,all held together with Pritt Stick ⛳️🏌🏼‍♂️

    1. Legend has it Seb is still there emptying everybody’s stomachs instead of wallets with that nauseating back swing. 🤢🤮

      Jk seb at least it’s just your backswing that makes ppl want to vomit. My entire game does that. Lol

  2. Good fun! Can we have the players back for a blindfolded driving contest next⁉️ Keep doing what you do 👍!

  3. Love that Pete has upcoming golfers on his channel to build everyone and the community up! As it should be!

    1. After all the different challenges you’ve done on your channel this was a piece of cake for you no pressure at all. Well done 🏌‍♂️⛳💣💣👍

  4. This was so much fun! You guys were having a blast and it showed. Open Championship nerves? Bah! Nothing. This is the real deal!

  5. Pete, that was great. I think it would have also been fun to just stay at the 150 yard mark and let them all keep firing until 3 of the miss. Having to repeat the shot would add pressure. Plus, it would keep it more in the range where Mia and Hannah would have a better chance. 250 to a green is a tough shot for a female, even for females as talented as Mia and Hannah.
    Great content, Pete. Really enjoyed it.

  6. Absolutely brilliant vlog / challenge. Big shout out to the Mia, Hannah, Seb and Louis for taking it on.

  7. I loved this vid! It may cost you a bunch more money but I’d love to see more vids like this one. All props to Louis and his solid shot making. Hitting two in a row from 250 yds is top notch. The course looks terrific and I look forward to watching the ladies play there in the next Solhiem Cup.

  8. Great challenge that, lets get more of this on!! Mia and Hannah 😘 that hole was probs just out of reach but huuuge ‘A’ for effort

  9. Brilliant as always Mr Finch bet you feel little lighter in the pocket after that 😏🏌‍♂️⛳💣

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