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  1. I personally loved the fact that you try for the Open every year. It’s your dream and no one should stand in the way of that. Only stop if you truly don’t enjoy it, not because you think you’ve failed.

  2. Pete! Thank you for your bravery and openness! My first thought it helping us “the amateurs” through our first events! I always would have loved to have a person who has been through the ups and downs to prepare me for those events mentally! Not necessarily as a caddy (although why not) but as a coach.

  3. Tones of respect for doing what you love. Golf is so versatile, and there are so many areas that can grow. Love your content, Pete, and I look forward to the new adventure. Also, I would love to see someone like yourself take a very high handicap player and over a series of videos you work on their game to the point they get good enough to play you and yall duel it out in a tournament.

  4. Thanks for honesty mate. I always enjoyed the ‘mates’ comps you did (with Fryer, Carter etc), I know they all have their own channels now, but a round with your mates, good or bad, is a big part of golf for me. I look forward to the future and hope you keep motivated. All the best.

  5. Just don’t change Pete,the fun you bring to each video is so good to see.Would love to see you do a fourball with Rick,Andy and Matt,but really enjoy the instructional video as well.

  6. Still one my favorite YouTuber golfers, regardless if you’re competing. Good luck and keep up the awesome work!

  7. Some of the older vids with Carter, Rick and Matt all playing together are my favourite. Reminds me of normal lads on course, giving each other @#£%, and desperate not to lose bragging rights. Very relatable 😄

    Also, the Hidden Gems series by GolfMates is an interesting one. Would tick your box of playing new courses, and give those of us who simply don’t have the funds to swan about playing the weird and wonderful something to live vicariously through 👍

  8. NOOOO! I loved your Quest for The Open vids and was eagerly anticipating the next series.
    This being said, I understand the time consuming nature of hosting a full-time channel while traveling and trying to keep up your game at such a high level. I must give you full props for doing that (Shiels who was named as the #6 most influential person in golf had trouble even breaking 80) so all I can say to you is that I wish you the best of success in the upcoming future and look forward to whatever new content you deliver.

  9. I’d imagine its not easy done for timing issues etc but would love some content with Rick Andy and Matt. It seems to bring out the best in all of you.👍

  10. It’s because of the likes of you Andy Carter, Rick Shiels and Matt Fryer that gave me the interest to take up golf again. I love the banter between you guys it’s brilliant and funny to watch. It feels like it’s one of your mates giving you a tip or advice. All the best for the future Pete. You’ll smash it 👍⛳️

  11. I always like the longer (45 min to an hour) course vlogs. They’re so great to have to come home from work and grab a drink and relax and watch. I also rewatch them several times just to have background stuff on while I’m sitting on the couch or trying to fall asleep.

  12. You’re doing great, Peter. I’ve been very happy with your current and past content and look forward to your future content regardless of your pro status. I got into golf in earnest this past year at 38 years old and I learn a lot from your channel for all aspects of the game–not just swing tutorials and such. I think you’re about my age, so it’s nice to just see you challenge yourself in different ways that are fulfilling to you. That’s all I try to do with my golf game: play well enough to get fulfillment while challenging myself to improve. And to take my friends’ money.

  13. You and Rick reignited my love of golf so pretty much whatever you decide to do I’m there for it. Some of my favorites over the years have been the course vlogs with the lads and of course the Golfbidder challenges. I find myself constantly going back and rewatching those.

  14. It feels somewhat strange for me to be giving a “thumbs up” on a video that honestly makes me a bit sad. I know I wasn’t the only one pulling for you to qualify to play The Open and I honestly believe you have the talent to do just that!
    I will always be a fan of your content and I look forward to another great year in 2023!
    Happy Holidays Pete! Hit em’ long and strong

  15. I’d love to see you in The Open. Love the channels, hope at some point you give the Open another shot. We’re all hoping the best for ya. I’ll keep watching either way.

  16. Pete I appreciate how transparent you have been with us. One of the main reasons why I can’t miss any of your content. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  17. This is what I love most about this channel: genuine honesty, whether it’s the ups or the downs, and above all else, you can tell how much it means to you. Whatever you do, we’ll lap up the content!

  18. I’ve been watching youtube for a long time now and I’ve realised that the important part isn’t the subject matter but rather who is presenting it. Honestly I watch your content because of you Pete. Your energy and love of golf shines through and that’s all that matters. If you enjoy what you are doing, I’m going to enjoy it aswell and I think most of your audience would agree.

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