Is Jimmy Bullard the BEST SCRATCH GOLFER on YouTube? (BGoYT #7)

Thanks for watching Is Jimmy Bullard the BEST SCRATCH Player on YouTube? (BGoYT # 7)! Make sure to have a look at the rest of the Finest Golfer on YouTube videos on the playlist featured at the end of this match!

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Is Jimmy Bullard the BEST SCRATCH GOLFER on YouTube? (BGoYT #7)

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  1. At the end of the series are you going to get all the players together and play 18 to find the β€œactual” best golfer on YouTube? That would make a cracking video!

  2. Love this match up Pete, solid competition. How good are the golf life boys, you and tubes and hilarious together πŸ˜‚

  3. I love Jimmy’s will to win. Gives it everything. More of this is needed in YouTube golf.

  4. The look of panic on tubes face for the first few holes when Pete takes his advice πŸ˜‚ “Bite, bite, bite, and roll and roll and roll”

  5. Great production values highlighting some excellent golf. All served up with no little repartee. This was fab!

  6. Up the north !! Best two golf channels on YouTube. Tubes and Ange are hilarious and Bullard is an absolute competitor. Well played Pete !

  7. Great video all round. Jimmy just brings a happy vibe constantly. He’s a a bit of an all rounder it seems. Professional footballer, scratch golfer and also a very good fisherman. Probably a few other sports he’s useful at too.

  8. What a great video!!! Goes to show that when Pete is relaxed and enjoying himself the standard is unreal – absolute quality

  9. Pete you need more matches with these boys in any way shape or format. Anyone who is not leaving this video or the video on the golf life channel with a great big smile on their faces is not human. Keep up the excellent work all.

  10. Absolutely love Caddy Tubes, throws an educated guess out and seems surprised when you go with it πŸ˜‚. Must’ve been a great laugh all round they are a good bunch of lads!

  11. This is such a great series. The golf is always great, the banter fun, and I’ve got to give it to the boys back in the editing room, they’ve really turned into movie-quality producers. Every episode is like a damned Netflix special these days. Y’all have come a long way. Good on ya.

  12. Learning alot from Jimmy on golf life. His swing is killa. Generates so much power for a average size lad. Great match up. You grant hovat and Jimmy on a 3 ball next πŸ‘πŸ»

  13. This series is building serious momentum. This was the best of them all so far, absolute class video

  14. An absolute joy to watch. Fantastic golf with fantastic banter. Bullard has a serious golf game and Finchy was solid. Loved it 😊

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