If I break par at this course…I ENTER THE OPEN!!!

If I shoot par at this course, I will officially enter The Open!

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If I break par at this course…I ENTER THE OPEN!!!

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  1. Enter no matter what happens in this round. Your game is better than I’ve seen it since I started watching your channel back in 2020.

  2. Tbh Pete
    You are striking the ball really well, this year and do it, but do it for yourself. Don’t video and put pressure on yourself.❤

  3. Go on Pete!! Do it, you have been playing so well, why not, just enjoy it tho 💪🏼 easier said than done 😂

    1. Yeah it’s the enjoyment factor that does it for me, no point doing it if there isn’t that

    2. @peterfinchgolf  if you go in with no expectations and try not to put too much pressure on yourself.. just go out enjoy it one last time 💪🏼👌🏻🙏⛳️

  4. Peter Finch is my favourite YouTube golfer all things considered. My prediction (not that it was asked for) will be 2 over today but a continuation of quality YouTube content overall.

  5. Pete, like you said: you’ve been playing well and the Open has been a dream for many years now for you, it doesn’t matter if chances are 1 in 10 or 1 in a 1.000.000 any chance of getting your dream is worth it. Doesn’t matter if you have your worst round of golf ever if you do enter, we are all cheering for you no matter what. Dont put so much pressure on yourself and go for it! Live the dream! ⛳⛳⛳

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Go for the dream Pete! Not to mention that this (and the quest series) are my favorite content you produce. We are here for you Pete, don’t give up on your dream!

  6. It’s the passion and effort and willingness to put it on the line we love Pete! Results are secondary!

  7. Please Pete, don’t give up on your dream. I look to people like you, Michael Block, JR Smith, the older club pro from the US Open that finally qualified after many years as inspiration. I picked up golf in 2018 at the age of 34 and have since reached scratch at 39 with an average carry of 290. I am smart enough to know that my window for a hall of fame professional career is long passed, but watching you work hard makes me believe that anything is possible. At my age, just getting through the first stage would be one of the greatest moments of my life. People like me need to see you never give up.

  8. Was at Dundonald a couple of weeks ago on a trip and got to play the course a couple of times that week. Really enjoyed it, but it’s tough if you get in the rough. Well played and way to stick with the round after the triple bogey. Go for the Open qualifying regardless of the outcome. If you’re playing well right now (and you are) you’ll kick yourself if you skip it, and it’s always good to get tournament rounds in.

  9. Go for it regardless Pete! You’re playing so well! More regret if you don’t sign up!

  10. Great show as always! Loved your soliloquy about the pains of golf. So true. As an old timer, a starting ranger at a local course, once told me when he greeted me at the first tee, “Golf is a cruel mistress.”

  11. Keep it up Pete, you are a great player, maybe just a bit more belief and positivity will get you there, love your videos🙂

  12. Keep going Pete don’t give up on your dream. Really enjoy this type of content and I think I speak for a lot of people we all hope you keep trying for the open

  13. Amazing camera work and editing here, keep up the awesome work gyys!

    Perhaps controversially, I think you’ve made a great decision to not worry about competition golf, you quit for a reason, keep putting out the wonderful content we’ve been enjoying this year and if you feel up to it another time then go for it!!

  14. Pete has such a brilliant channel nowadays, such varied content and a nice group of people.

  15. Playing so well lately. And the train track bounce is one for the channel highlights reel 😂

  16. absolutely love the editing on this video with the target lines, scorecard between holes, shot tracker… it’s all tour quality editing

  17. Go for it Pete. Solid golf on a tough course, with only 1 bad hole. Would love to see you tee it up 👍🏼

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