I Will Restart My Golf Career with Money Made from This Video

I will reboot my career with the money made from this video!

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I Will Restart My Career with Money Made from This Video

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  1. Thanks for watching and helping me out!! The countdown begins, one month from today I’ll take the cash and restart my golf career 😅

    Ps. If you want to watch this more than once…that would be awesome ❤

  2. Thanks for watching and helping me out!! The countdown begins, one month from today I’ll take the cash and restart my golf career 😅

    Ps. If you want to watch this more than once…that would be awesome ❤

    Pss. I’ll still be using my current bag, I’m just showing what can be done with the budget I get ❤

    1. first up thanks for all the content ….also where is the last scramble shotscope video with fryer from before your golf rider epic month ? and also please tell us if clicking the ad links or skipping ads (as we can do sometimes) affects how much you get ? thanks and

    2. You can have my old set for free.
      SLDR TP driver, SLDR 5 wood.
      TM MC 2015 irons 4-pw , kbs 120 stiff, Mac daddy’s 3 ,50,54,58 and Odyssey proto putter or a daddy longlegs spider 35″ .

      Yours if you want them..👍

  3. I’ve seen really good PGA pros hit amazing shots with clubs that are absolute crap by today’s standards so I’m sure Peter will have no problem with any budget he’s faced with. But it’s a very fun video idea so I can’t wait to see the results!

    1. @frajob4 LOL, true. There’s a very funny video showing Tiger and a bunch of other tour pros hitting huge shanks. The best part was most of them cracked up after the shot.

  4. Peter – what a great idea for a video series! Perhaps you can play the course local to you (I think) that you played with the Callaway clubs you got from the pound shop a few years ago that you birded the first couple holes with.

  5. Good luck Peter. Quite an interesting challenge you’ve set yourself. If you could find a course with a decent playing challenge and how you integrate into the club life that would also encourage new players into what options they have available to them. I left the local muni course to play more competitive golf as it was difficult to get involved at the muni. But I know other people that have joined clubs and just need advise or encouragement to get involved

  6. I feel with you. I grew up not having much and not being able to afford anything. As I got older and starting a career and making my own path I have been fortunate enough to spoil myself. That feeling of being a have not when others were more privileged I think really drives why I spoil myself now

  7. In a cruel way, I hope your budget is a bit rubbish so we can see what you would choose based on a budget similar to what we might consider. Like the concept Pete! Looking forward to part 2!

  8. I did reply to you IG story, but I think I said £1000 if it was just clubs, clothes etc. I think £2-2500 if including a membership, but depends on the type of course you’d join. Going to be interesting to see what budget you get!

  9. How long are you giving yourself before deciding on your budget? A few days? A week? Either way, for a golfer of your caliber, it doesn’t matter. It would be interesting to also compare what you could get at different budgets. This is definitely a challenge you can smash no matter what the budget. It will be interesting to be able to see not only how much videos can make in revenue but also allow those who may be newer to the sport to see that you don’t need the shiny new clubs and play at the best courses to get started. At the moment, my entire bag is from a second-hand sports store and costs around $900ish. I would love brand-new clubs; however, I don’t play enough, and new clubs are stupidly expensive. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see what kind of budget you will end up with.

  10. I totally love this idea and the potential of this series⛳!!! But i think getting to much money will kill it from the start… (not that you deserve it though haha😉 ) Like 95% of the ppl who start with golf get a +-300 pounds package set, spend 100 to 200 on gear/shoes/clothes and go to a public golfcoarse/par 3 coarse with a 15-20 pound greenfee and start playing. Personally i like to see you going from there instead of starting with 1000+ pounds with AAA brand clubs and a ”fancy” coarse to play. Slowly building from the bottom up that better reflects the average player with ”challenges” that give you more money to spend. Don’t know if thats realistic or if i’m the only one who would like to see that…. 😅 But looking foreward to the series none the less!!! ⛳

  11. Such a cool concept, I’m sure whatever your budget turns out to be, you’ll find ways to make awesome content

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