I take on the course… where NOBODY HAS BROKEN PAR!!!

I take on The at Scottsdale National Club, a 9-hole course famous for being impossible to break par. Here's how I got on …

Lots of thanks to PXG for the invite, and also Andy for aiding with the cam. Make sure to check out his : @TheAverageGolfer

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I take on the course… where NOBODY HAS BROKEN PAR!!!

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    1. I’m actually really shocked nobody has broken par here first go. 🤔 . I can see it would be hard for an average golfer like yourself and the other guy. I think it has more to do with seeing the course blind. But if you scouted the course before hand you’d get a lot better scores from better players. Great place for someone to learn spin control though.

  1. That was so much fun to watch… I would love to see the Tour play at an 18 hole course that’s as crazy as this. That would be all about true skill and not just power.

  2. This is the best golf content I’ve ever seen on YouTube!! I really want to play this course, if there’s one thing I can do on a golf course, it’s take a beating and keep smiling, probably the most important skill you can have on this track.

  3. What a brutal course and fun round to watch! Beware asking your ball to bite! And Pete, your wardrobe was “on target”! 😉

  4. Great content! The course looks extremely brutal! Glad it’s not my home course 😂⛳

  5. Great video – Looks like a lot of fun. Would be great to see you take on Shielsy with his short game touch of an elephant he would be level 5

  6. Not sure if this brings back happy memories or will the nightmares return……the craziest golf course I ever played! Thanks for the invite on the channel Pete 👍🏻

  7. That’s not a golf course, it’s an asylum for the clinically insane golf nuts! I love it!

  8. It’s full size crazy golf. Absolutely loved it. Hoping there’s some PXG reviews along with it. Heard good things about the wedges. Thanks Pete!

  9. Oh what a video.was both hilarious and agonising at the same time.absolutely brilliant!what a unique course🤟

  10. You get a course design like the Bad Little Nine when you mix peyote with shrooms. I’m proud of both of you because stayed smiling throughout the round even when the course was punishing you for hitting an almost good shot. Not sure I could have been that patient. Thanks for sharing!

  11. This was hilarious and a real treat to watch 😂. This is gotta be the only course where a bogey feels like a birdie.

  12. Course designer was clearly on a 5 day acid bender when he came up with this one🙃🙂 loved it! 😂

  13. I’d leave there in tears. Hahahah. Great to see you both together again. Heart breaking course.

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