I take on the course… that NOBODY HAS EVER PLAYED!!!

I take on a course that nobody has ever played prior to! It's an absolute honour to be invited to the much-talked-about Dunas Course at Comporta and end up being the first individual to play 18 holes at this stunning venue. NOTE: Simply seen a couple of graphics saying "Terras DE Comporta" when naturally I indicate "Terras DA Comporta" – just little something I observed that was pestering me.

A substantial thank you to Terras da Comporta for hosting us! For more info, ensure to take a look at: www.comporta.com.

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I take on the course… that NOBODY HAS EVER PLAYED!!!

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  1. Hole 3 Finch’s Folly, this course looks phenomenal, you have to go back in 12 months to see how you score compared to this round, excellent video so far

  2. Absolute class Pete as always! Imagine if you landed in a divot?? Nobody to blame!

  3. The graphics and editing on your videos have taken your content to another level! Great video!

  4. Pete, this feels like the best golf you’ve been playing. The fat grips and the silky smooth tempo you’ve developed. It genuinely seems like you’re playing effortlessly. Keep it up!!

  5. Love the video, such an amazing course! Being a numbers guy, seeing that make percentage graphic from hole 7 made me happy. Seeing that pros only hole around 23% from that distance makes me feel much better about my putting. Maybe include them more often?

  6. There is nothing better than pulling a putt but realizing you misread it and it drops in for eagle! Great stuff Pete. You have to be big time to be the first person to play a course . Awesome video!

  7. Just finished watching the front 9. Playing some fantastic golf Pete. That putter selection with the 2 ball is literally on fire. Your iron game looking sensational and the driving. Just immaculate. On to the back 9

  8. Looking forward to seeing Malcolm on the podcast, guys. Great video…you’re smashing it this year!

  9. You’ve got it all Pete, the game, the banter, the team, the stunning venues you get to play, and of course the looks 😂. Best channel on youtube for me

  10. Phenomenal golf, Pete. What a stunning course. It makes me want to book a trip to Portugal!

  11. Completed watching the back 9. Wow unreal Pete. Congratulations on the 67. Epic golf mate. Wooohoo ❤

  12. I haven’t seen many of your videos but I have heard other YouTubers say that you’re arguably the best golfer on YouTube, and after watching this I’m starting to agree! That was amazing golf!

  13. What a fantastic honour Mr Finch , you’re one lucky boy ! Course looks phenomenal and how well do you hit the Stealth ? I was completely in awe , best video to date .

  14. Great watch, more of you playing nice courses is exactly what’s needed! Keep it up (also I love the LOTR references)

  15. That was just so pleasant to watch…and what a great round Peter 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  16. The course looks absolutely amazing and how cool is it to be the first ever person to play a course! Nice shots brother

  17. I have no idea how you are not past a million subs! Incredible content, favorite golf YouTuber!

  18. I don’t normally comment but this has to be one of the best golf videos I’ve seen of late. Amazing course, golf, video editing and of course, Pete’s commentary throughout. Well done to you and your team 🎉

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