I take on my team at REMOTE island course…LOSER STAYS BEHIND!

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I take on my team at REMOTE island course…LOSER STAYS BEHIND!

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  1. How are the production quality of your videos keep going up? The scorecard on this video might be the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. That was brilliant, I absolutely love the longer videos, fabulous content and very much a very close run contest. MORE PLEASE. PS I was rooting for David, well done.

  3. Absolutely adore Arran. All the courses are unique, quirky and with brilliant scenery. The 12 hole concept is pretty good as it clocks in at around 2 hours which is not too long and not too short, even if you wanted to play more holes you’d do another 12 holes

  4. Love these, you guys have really good chemistry. hope to see more of these type of videos. as always love the content 🙂

  5. What a fantastic video Peter, absolutely class. More content like this would make an already brilliant channel even better. Great work Peter

  6. Great concept and kudos to David. I genuinely felt bad for him at the start despite his -12. The pressure as the high handicapper of the group should not be underestimated.

  7. One of your best videos this year, absolutely class 👏

    I love it when everyone films together, need Mick on next 💪

  8. I loved this content, great to see the rest of the team on the course with clubs. The competition was great, good having some jeopardy. As a high handicapper myself I was really rooting for David. 
    Well done guys a fantastic production, more of these involving whole team every now and again would be appreciated.

  9. Loved this! What a great team you got there! But to stay an extra day over there doesnt look as the worst thing🙂

  10. Cracking content! It’s nice to see the average golfer take on a course….feels genuine the whole round loved it❤

  11. This is probably might favorite video to date. I really enjoy when you four guys play together. I hope you went back and picked up Jacob 😢

  12. The mix of skill levels is great in these, makes me feel better about when I’m out with my much better skilled friends! Great video and fantastic idea

  13. This is sublime content! I think the concept, the characters and the editing of this video was close to perfection! Would love to see more videos like this one in the future!

    Always great to see more of the Finch team too. David is the most unintentionally hilarious person ever. His facial expressions after some of his shots had me chortling to myself.

  14. The quality of your team shines through both the production of your videos and the chemistry on the course. Absolutely LOVE these videos and look forward to many more with different permutations. Beautiful tricky course that! Class work all round guys!

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