I Swap Clubs With The ANGRIEST Golfer on YouTube!

I took a trip to Club and swapped clubs with the angriest enthusiast on YouTube! In this video, I trade clubs with as we go head to head in an intense match at one of the most well-known golf courses that you have actually never ever become aware of …

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I Swap Clubs With The ANGRIEST Golfer on YouTube!

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  1. Happy Birthday
    Matt has been complaining about the grips “Gave me a cricket bat to hit” lol…and then on his second shot he nearly holes it from the rough…NICE shot Mr. Fryar
    “Slick as a used tire” LMAO great banter

  2. I’ll tell you the same thing I told Fryer yesterday, anytime I see one of the OGs on the channel I know it’s going to be a fantastic video full of excellent banter.

  3. You two together are hilarious. You should team up to create the UK version of Good Good…..call it Brilliant Brilliant.

  4. Seriously I love when you guys get together and play, its two friends enjoying a round of golf and bullshitting the entire time. This is what golf is, just a fun time with good people.

  5. From Canada I played this in 1988 on a GB rugby tour. Late March early April the rough was wet and tangly. Great experience, we also played St. Andrew’s along with 6 rugby games and a 7 a side tournament at Gala. The two golf days were the only ones we didn’t practice or play. Oh to be young again.

  6. To give victor meldrew his dues he seems to be getting funnier and more chilled out , love watching you two together , I cant help but watch

  7. The chemistry was brilliant and with Carter back in the UK and Rick in the wings a GolfBidder better ball would be epic!

  8. Cool match! Played in Wallasey last week with friends during our trip. We really enjoyed it at sunset especially the holes on the upper part of the course! What a nice memory!

  9. It’s so funny watching Matt hit those grips, I still like Matt and Andy play in your videos. I guess Rick doesn’t play enough anymore to compete, so can we get Carley as a fourth!!!!

  10. My two favorite YouTube golfers in one video! If I could play a match with anyone I choose it would definitely be these two!

  11. That was great. You two are gold together, although I couldn’t figure out who was the angriest golfer on You Tube. This match had everything, great rescue shots , comical rescue shots, lip outs by the dozen, and so many close but not quite putts! I just recently bought a 7 wood and I am beginning to get quite friendly with it. I don’t hit irons well so it is a good club for me. Lets see more of you and Matt!

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