I Surprised My Dad With A DP World Tour Pro-Am…

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I Surprised My Dad With A DP World Tour Pro-Am…

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  1. Great to see your dad and Paul get out there and perform. That was pretty impressive. Well done. Keep up the great content.

  2. This was such a great watch. I’d love to see more content like that. Get the 3 of you around the country tackling the courses together.

  3. This video illustrates the best thing about golf. That young and old, professionals and amateurs can play together and have a wonderful day 😊

    1. Indeed. Not many sports have the same possibility, especially the part that all of them can actually compete against each other and the less skilled one actually has a chance at least.
      I think I’ve heard that bowling has some sort of a handicap system too, but are there any other sports?

  4. That was sure a lot of fun to watch! How exciting to get to play a round of golf with your dad…bravo!

  5. Your dad’s smile at 11:54 when he makes birdie – priceless! That’s what it’s all about 😃

  6. brilliant vid pete keep doing more! how on earth you don’t have over a million subs by now i have no idea cause your a great guy with great content to watch 👌🏻

  7. Looking after the old man here Pete. A great memory that you can reflect on in the years to come.

    I do miss the days when I used to play a round weekly with my Dad when he was alive. Treasure these ones while you can!

    Edit: Watched the whole thing now. Damn its made even better. Congrats!

  8. Great to see your dads smile at the end. Wish I had the ability and confidence to enter something like that.

  9. Simply brilliant mate. The best memory with your Dad to treasure for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing it with us all 👍🏻

  10. Best

    The unbridled joy I used to get playing with my dad and brother was immeasurable, like the red arrows, 1 right 1 left and the old man straight down the middle, always remember glancing at him when my or my brother hit a good one and seeing that fatherly look of happiness/proudness on his face we were happy to be out with our dad and I think these were them moments he cherished, and as a father now I can see why, enjoy your golf with your parents folks they don’t last forever but when they do they are simply the greatest ⛳⛳⛳

  11. Such an amazing video and love the idea of giving back the prize. Loved seeing the big smiles on your dads and Paul’s faces the entire video. Looking forward to more like this

  12. What a great video. Shamble play is by far my favorite league/tourney format, and you had the right mix on your team to excel. Good on you for including your dad and friend in your experiences. I’m sure it meant the world to them. All class as always.

  13. Simply outstanding, hope to be able to play in something like this one day with my brother. My dad has some wrist issues so he can’t play much anymore but would love to be able to surprise him with something like this as well

  14. Enjoyed watching this, would love to see all the youtube guys get together and do a proam for fun either on the same team or seperate teams.

  15. I always love the videos when fathers, sons, and friends go out and just have a fun round of golf! I love this game!!⛳🏌️‍♂️

  16. I love the videos that have your dad in them always so fun to watch you two on the course together

  17. Fantastic vlog, Peter. Congrats to all four of you. It had to be a special day for Dad, Augie and you. It shows why golf is so damn good, all handicaps, ages, and abilities can play together and it still be a fair comp.

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