I played Royal Liverpool, here’s what I found | Open Preview Special

0:00 Intro
1:08 It's Open week!
3:07 The Open sneak peek …
15:21 Whatever you require to understand about
24:12 Hole 1 Royal
28:20 Hole 2 Stand
30:20 Hole 3 Course
33:20 Hole 4 Road
36:16 Hole 5 Long
38:24 Hole 6 New
42:26 Hole 7 Telegraph
45:57 Hole 8 Briars
47:30 Hole 9 Dowie
49:34 Hole 10 Far
51:25 Hole 11 Punch Bowl
53:01 Hole 12 Dee
56:03 Hole 13 Alps
59:10 Hole 14 Hilbre
1:00:50 Hole 15 Field
1:02:58 Hole 16 Lake
1:04:13 Hole 17 Little Eye
1:09:08 Hole 18 Dun
1:11:32 18th hole at a Open location is unique
1:13:05 What will the winning score be?
1:15:36 Jacob has the winner of The 151st Open Champion
1:22:41 If Tommy Fleetwood wins, Mick will get a tattoo of Tommy Fleetwood's face!
1:23:19 Peter Finch's pick for the open
1:24:34 Think The Player Open edition

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I played , here’s what I found | Open Preview Special

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  1. It’s just past 9pm here in Hawaii when this drops into my feed and I just have to stay up and watch it! 😁

  2. Di Doherty must be great to work with?..you’ll learn much from her Pete if that’s what you want to do more of…enjoyed the team challenge on Sunday although Rick will be unbearable now for his birdie on 17!

  3. I was there on Sunday for the first practice day.
    If the wind blows like it that day, level par will be a good score.
    Great course but it needs the wind.

  4. I actually think dechambeau is in with a shout
    He seems to do well at courses with long rough he can hack out of and his short game isn’t bad

  5. Great episode, guys! I got HIO last week (Sir Nick) and this week (Hogan). Pure guess this week tho to be fair

  6. Pete seems like such a genuine boss. Would love to work in that kind of environment. Everyone has the same interests and all just get on.
    I have been wondering Pete what’s that on your right wrist? I always see it in each of your videos and wondered what it was. Some kind of monitor I’d imagine?

  7. 😂😂 only person I could think of born as far back as 1912 was the correct answer so didn’t change after each answer for a hole in one!!! My best score by so far!

  8. So I guess this was recorded before Rory won the Scottish Open?? Would you change your picks because of that? I’d love to see Rory win!

    1. Be interesting to know if anyone has ever won the Scottish and then the open. If not bodes even more against him.

  9. Man I got a bogey, so I’m sitting at +1 overall. The known for his effortless swing is what gave it away for me.

    1. Lol – I’m sitting here at 24 minutes in, thinking…”no kind of momentum going in??” Absolutely love it – very curious to see if you and the boys would change your tune at all if you’d seen the finish on Sunday. Thoughts?

  10. Can Jacob do the numbers on every tournament please? I wanna know the trends on the Barracuda.

  11. Great podcast. Love the new guess the player format. Tried to give the drive a bit extra and caught it all wrong but lost it in the sun. Let my playing parters play up whilst looking for it and then heard a call of “it’s in the hole mate”. 😂

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