I Played In My FIRST Monday Qualifier For The Korn Ferry Tour | Micah Morris Golf

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People this was an amazing day, being in this high pressure environment and playing like I did was something I'm super proud of. Hope you people delight in!

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People this was an amazing day, being in this high pressure environment and playing like I did was something I'm incredibly happy with. Hope you men take pleasure in!

I Played In My FIRST Monday Qualifier For The Korn Ferry Tour | Micah Morris Golf

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  1. That 9th hole was unbelievable. A 514 yd hole and you had 112 yd for your second shot! In those wind conditions you had it to 4 under, just really good golf Tig. Thanks for taking us on your journey.👊

    1. @harold randall Oliver is the karen. I played on new years day and the ground was frozen and had a 400 yarder

  2. Great job man, I felt like I was watching my favorite player on Sunday at Augusta or soemthing every shot I was in the edge of my seat 😂 great job man soon enough you’ll get onto an event no doubt, also brought the old putter back I see???

    1. I’m guessing the reason he had the old putter in the bag is that the Good Good prototypes aren’t on the USGA conforming list yet. Can’t put that in play at an event like that

  3. -4 thru the first 9 holes should prove that you have the ability and the talent to get it done! Keep grinding!

  4. T33 with 6 over on the back… Incredible. Looked like a brutal course.
    You can really do this.

    1. @Shannon Hiers such an idiotic comment. I guess Carnoustie is easy as well since it is wide open? There is a reason link style courses are hard. Super hard ground and unpredictable rollouts due to a constant hammering of winds since there are no trees/vegetation to shield from the wind. The wind was hammering here. Imagine where every hole, that hitting a slight draw or cut instead of the other causes an uncontrollable spin that can literally put you half a football field away from your target.

    2. @Bobby Cerda posted this as a joke but the hate and vitriol makes me laugh. An 2 hdcp and will play you anywhere.

    3. Fun to watch Tig!!!!
      I suck on that course and the wind makes it harder. I’m 55 and play the Bridges from the whites! Lol

  5. A tale of two 9’s, wow fantastic front and a very humbling back, that’s golf!!! Keep grinding Tig, it takes so much skill and a little luck to go low in the wind when it’s blowing that hard….but still +2 on your first KF Qualy is a very good result, keep up your training and keep following your dreams Tig, we are all behind you!!!

    1. It’s been wonderful to see how much his game has grown over the past few months. He’s proven beyond a shadow of doubt that turning pro was the right move!

      He has always provided great content but the fact that he’s a legit pro playing for money and contending (and winning!) adds just a bit extra

      At some point I’d like to see him take on Jerge and his gang in South Carolina, and score another W!

    2. @DanielSong39 he played in a pro tourney with jerge and scored better and won the tourney

    3. @Dustin Brown That counts but would like to see him play against stronger fields in a stroke play format.

  6. Great playing in those conditions man! Crazy to see you hit 7i from 134 and then 8 iron from 215. Keep grinding man!

  7. Micah, you played amazing today, those co dictions were crazy! As Garrett would always say, “minor setback major comeback” keep it up tig! Ik I’ll see you on tour one day!!

  8. That’s a tough course even without winds and the winds we’ve had in North Texas for the past couple of weeks have been ridiculous. You’re just getting started. That was a great result. Keep plugging!

  9. Micah was literally tied first and the winning score was -4. tough to see but Im so proud of my guy and hes proved to us and all of youtube that he has korn ferry tour talent

  10. Proud of you man! Absolutely brutal conditions! It is coming soon for you brother keep grinding lets gooooo!

  11. The way I was watching this like a PGA major – par save on 13 had me fist pumping in my kitchen. You’re a beast Tig

  12. Tig with driver on par 4s/5s -3 overall
    Tig with iron off tee on par 4s/5s +3 overall

    Just shows how much your length helps you and why you should continue to be more aggressive. Should keep the 2 iron in the bag unless it’s tight or hazard/ob left/right..

    1. Putting that ball up in the wind was a very high risk though. Piercing and keeping the ball low was super important

  13. i think this is my favorite style video Micah does, i love watching him compete at a high level also liked how it was edited together. Love rooting for one of the Good Good boys good luck!

    1. Pete you have to have the Good Good guys out across the pond or in Dubai for some content, would love to see it.

  14. Great round in those conditions! When you make it on tour, which you will, you’ll be my favorite player and will root for you always! (Besides Rory) good luck in the future and keep up the hard work

  15. That smile after the first 9 I think made all of us smile. You could really tell you were enjoying yourself

    1. I also sensed it would fall apart after that…and it did. You never show any joy until the deed is done.

    2. as great as that smile is he needs to stay completely focused in these events. It led to his first bogey. Great playing tho

    3. @Invincible Osprey everyone is different, showing some joy can take the edge off of the nerves. He will learn what works for him the more he plays in these conditions

  16. So cool watching this journey, Tig. You could tell how well you were grooving in the first half. That back nine the wind looked so tough so to be able to still play +2 is big time.

  17. You’re an exciting athlete to watch in tournaments. I have a feeling you’re going to benefit from all of your hard work even more than you have already. Great stuff, man!

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