I name THE BEST DRIVER IN THE WORLD! Build My Bag | Episode 1

Thanks for watching! In this Build My Bag video I name the very best chauffeur worldwide! Taking on the Paradym Triple Diamond, G430 LST, TSR3, + and the Cobra Aerojet LS

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I name THE BEST DRIVER IN THE WORLD! Build My Bag | Episode 1

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  1. You still got 334 out of the Callaway and it was more forgiving. Gotta ask yourself if those extra few yards out of the TM are worth it too you. I’d be over the moon driving it 334 while consistently keeping it on the fairway, but that’s just my high handicap perspective.

  2. great review, can’t wait to see what fairway clubs you choose, maybe you should set a budget and try and acheive that in the bag

  3. Fairway finder. You have more control on your iron shots into the green. Being in the rough a bit longer and the control on the second shot can become an issue.

  4. A brilliant upload, good fun! A concise and thorough evaluation, that gives a solid starting point for those looking to add the newest driver to the bag. (The TaylorMade Stealth 2+ made my bag as well👍!) Keep doing what you do 👍‼️

  5. Judging by the numbers, the Paradym seemed like the clear and obvious choice. By a lot. Curious as to why you went with the Stealth?

    1. +5 mph of ball speed will always be greater than slightly more accurate. He also mentioned he doesn’t care for the look of it at address.

  6. Pete you could always ask Callaway to send you one of their strong cog (green dot) adapter so you can crank Paradym down to 6° and then put those two drivers head to head in new test.

    1. @Bobba8590 Tourilla niitä näkyy, mutta en oo varma, että saako niitä oem versioita ostettua suoraan kaupan hyllyltä, mut joitain versioita oon nähny netissä myytävän. Hintaa niillä on jotain 10-50€ välillä.

  7. Srixon MK II 5 LS not being in this I think is going to be a miss. Numbers coming from that club are impressive

  8. Pete- you can get a green cog sleeve for Callaway that will allow 2* of adjustment. So you can take the Paradym down to 6* if you wanted. If it’s only 5 yards shorter on carry but in the fairway, that extra degree lower could improve the distance and still keep you in the fairway.

  9. I know you’re standardizing the testing by keeping the same shaft but some drivers will respond differently to different shaft combinations. Anyone looking for a driver, going somewhere that has a matrix of heads and shafts will be better than standardizing the shaft

  10. Love this Build my bag series! Since I don’t have money to swap clubs every year, I’ll watch you do it 😅

  11. Going by these numbers, I’d probably have gone Callaway. Especially when it comes to the general population of golfers – I think great golfers like Rory or DJ can use Stealth because they’re so consistent, but if you’re not a super precise ball striker then I think Callaway is tops this year (just like the Rogue ST last year)

  12. Would love to see how much better this is than your previous driver pick the rogue st triple diamond. Not just distance and ball speed but your strokes gained. My hunch says unlikely to be a massive gap.

  13. Looks from the top have to go titleist but the one iv gone for is the g430 sound feel and performance came out on top for me 👍

  14. Your very lucky to have a choice of all them drivers I think I’d still go for the ping g430 tbh as a senior golfer distance is not an issue for me just hitting fairways is my priority great vid though

  15. I think this will go the way of the armlock putter for you after missing too many fairways. Love the video as always!

  16. Def one of my favorite golf series on all of YouTube, I love watching you build your bag every year. I appreciate the fair and open reviews on everything, awesome vid Pete!

  17. I got to test the stealth 2 and paradym tripple diamond recently and the paradym hit my pb once i hit the center at 381 yards. It felt so powerful off the face and the stealth felt like it was holding back.
    Swing speed 128mph.

  18. I tested the Ping, Taylormade and Callaway, I really wanted the Taylormade to come out on top to match the rest of my bag but I was hitting the Callaway an extra 10-15 yards on good strikes but only around 5 yards longer than my current M6 driver.

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