I had a TERRIBLE 10 on a par 4 😢! Quest For The Open 2022 (Episode 7)

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I had a TERRIBLE 10 on a par 4 😢! Quest For The Open 2022 (Episode 7)

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  1. Congrats on the 500k 👍 you consistently put out some of the best content in YouTube golf space, so just do what makes you happy 👍

  2. Your content is great Pete, change in mindset and some clarity will do you the world of good. I watch because it’s entertaining, don’t need an Open qualification to change that

  3. For me I’d frame the ten as 2 wild tee shots, which happen, and shooting a six, which also happens.

    It’d get in my head because of the coincidence of it all happening on the same hole, but that’s all it was.

    I think if you approach comps with the mindset you express at the end you’re going to do really well.

    1. The same thing happens to tour pros from time to time. They key is to understand any correctable mistakes and flush the rest from memory.

  4. Defo carry on, you’ve got the game to get there. Plenty of time to concentrate on vlogs and TV. Best of luck either way 👍

  5. We love you Finch, You just have to do what you feel is best. We will stand by you.

  6. I think,for your own peace of mind,that it’s a wise decision, and your reasons are sound,good luck Pete, your content is up there with the best.

  7. Congrats on the 500K, love your content !!! With or without the Open Q !!! Just keep going with what works for you ! It will work for us !!!

  8. Peter, I think you could still make videos that document your practice sessions as well as how you improve each week and what you work on to achieve those improvements. That would allow you to put work into your game as well as make content at the same time. I personally would enjoy see a more in depth journey and seeing how you practice would be beneficial for all your audience.

  9. When the opportunity presents it self, you take it. Keep growing the channel 😁🏌🏼‍♂️⛳️

  10. I do love that you try it every year. It’s fun to watch. Either way, I’m not going to stop watching.

  11. Good luck Pete. Living the dream right enough. There aren’t many in this day and age doing that so grab it and hold onto it for as long as you can. Keep evolving the channel, without change you’ll go stale and get left behind.

  12. Quest for The open is best part of your channel (imo). Please continue that and document of your training sessions. There are lot of channels that gives swing tips, eguipment reviews etc. but only few that gave ideas what work is needed to become better golfer. kudos

  13. Watching this reminded me of the quote from the McDonalds movie “you’re not in the burger business, you’re in the real estate business”. Golf is still your output & your #1 passion, but you’re clearly a media natural (500k and counting) & it clearly takes a lot of time & effort. What you have achieved is something to be very proud of 👏🏼. Most of us understand it’s hard to be as good as we want to be (or know we can be) at golf when we have also have to go to work.

  14. Congratulations on 500k Pete, whenever I enter competitions I never expect to win so there’s no pressure I always have fun and usually score better than I thought I would, but if I was at Peters level things would probably be a bit more serious.

  15. Hey Pete! I want to say thank you so much for sharing your golf with us. I feel like many others, me included, are living through you vicariously. The amount of content you show us, your collaborations, your showmanship, and your golf has really inspired us and will continually drive us to come back to this hard but addicting game.

    I feel that whichever you choose, we are there for you. I just hope that whichever choice you make is something that will help push you towards your dreams and your goals. I also think you’re in a good opportune spot that if you changed your mind, you have the ability to do so. We are all here for it.

    Congrats on your 500,000 subscribers! Champagnes everyone! 🎉

  16. Love your videos Pete kept me going through some tough times these past two years ,great to reach 500k subscribers whatever you decide we’ll keep watching

  17. Pete no going to lie hearing you say that your hanging up your gloves so to speak with the quests has made me emotional i love tuning in and watching you play seeing to progress etc.

  18. Best of luck Pete! Always love the vids. Whatever happens, I’ll be watching 🤌 on a side note, a new frame of mind may free up that beautiful swing ya got!! 🍻 cheers 🥂

  19. Well done Pete. The open work you did was brilliant loved from the range when you were on it. It’s not quitting it’s taking the pressure off and that maybe just what you need. I haven’t given up hope of making the open and I need to find 10 shots and a time machine really 😂👍

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