I choose my new driver (the BEST in the world!)

I pick my new motorist from the best the industry needs to provide: the , the , the and a secret last-minute entry!

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I choose my new driver (the BEST in the world!)

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  1. Great video Pete I’ve been using the simm for the last 3 months currently used the ping g400 find the taylormade simm unbelievable

  2. I was pulling for the TSR until I saw your old sim pop its head in! If any of the new models can measure up to your old bombs then you’re in for a good season

  3. The Titleist is so good but i have the triple diamond as well and i haven’t looked back with how great it is. So great choice

  4. I went to all the free fittings that our local golf store offered for each of these clubs, and I settled on the Rogue ST Max LS. The all round performance was perfect for me. And, it hasn’t disappointed on the course.

    1. I have the ltdx and it felt the best and longest for me…. I agree, I wish that was in this video as well

  5. Thanks for sharing Pete! I own the Triple D and the TSR3. A month ago I had the opportunity to play a few holes with the lead engineer that developed the Rogue St LS Triple D, as well as the engineer that finessed the acoustics. For good reason, they were super proud of what they made. It was so good all around that Callaway allowed their tour offering to the public. Apparently, that was not the original plan. Also learned that the non-retail tour-certified drivers from Callaway use a different titanium in the face that will produce slightly slower ball speeds unless you have the horsepower and strike consistency to flex the face enough.

  6. I switched from TM to Callaway a few months ago. Callaway is definitely “springier”, and a touch more forgiving. Glad I made the change.

  7. Never hit the Callaway, but for me it looks the best and sounds great. Good luck Peter I think you chose right.

  8. Pete, another great video. I think with the data you showed the Rouge is the right choice. the Sim would be a great bomber option, but for play the consistency and forgiveness out of the toe and heal makes it to risky.

  9. For me Peter, it’s all about how you feel. Nice to see you move between manufacturers according to how you feel.

  10. I tried the new tsr3, absolutely loved it. But then again I absolutely love the rogue st ls max.
    I personally would buy the callaway mostly because I think it looks better but that is the only difference between then. Feel, sound and forgiveness seems to be exactly the same and just awesome driver.
    I Don’t like the sound or feel of the stealth driver and the sim is awesome when struck well but I am not good enough for that🤣🤣 need a more forgiving driver. Want a driver that works on every day and not just that one day of the year when I hit the middle on every drive for a round. 🤣🤣

  11. So far my irons are Titleist and my hybrid is Titleist love the range – really wanna try a Tsi2 or the TR range

  12. I recently went through a driver fitting and ended up in the Rouge ST Max. The TSR was the next best option, but the Rouge was just a bit more forgiving. I’ve played a few rounds with it now, and it’s definitely a fairway finder with good distance.

  13. Absolutely love the look, sound and feel of the Rogue. Probably the most popular new driver I see out on the course

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