I challenged the GOLF GIRLS to a match (big mistake!)

I challenge the Girls to an epic match at Formby Ladies GC … can they beat me as a scramble?

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I challenged the GOLF GIRLS to a match (big mistake!)

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  1. Can’t wait to watch this later tonight!! Mia and the other Golf Girls are so fun to watch!

  2. How awesome I literally just got done watching their match with Rick about an hour ago and was just about to go elsewhere when my notification went across my phone letting me know about this cheeky little scramble too! Good to see hitting the bell 🛎️ and the subscribe button still works from time to time for stuff you actually want to see, and are subscribed too!! Go Girls and Peter 🎉 I love how the ladies will turn any sentence into lyrics from a cheesy song from the 80’s or 90’s. I do the same thing all the time. Why did I get some kind of ptsd when the text of the score came across the middle of screen for most of the time. It said Golf Girls 2 Up… something girls and up or cup idk 🤷

  3. You needed to put the shot tracer on Emily’s divot on the first hole 🤣. The Golf Girls are a fun bunch and make for some very entertaining videos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loving your content. The golf girls are so happy and positive it’s great to see. Keep up the awesome work guys

  5. That was likely one of the most enjoyable golf videos I have watched in a long time. I get so wrapped up trying to hit perfect shots that I forget it is supposed to be fun. These ladies have given me a virtual slap in the head to remember to have some fun and I thank you all for the reminder. 🍻

  6. As much as I’ve enjoyed Ricks and your video with the golf girls and I enjoy their energy and excitement about golf…..I can’t help but think they’d be a horror to be behind on the course.

    1. Can’t imagine they’d be worse than the slow playing wanna-be-Tiger who inevitably takes 20 minutes pacing round the green looking at the hole from every angle imaginable before three putting the thing.

  7. This was a lot of fun – every shot doesn’t have to be perfect to have a good time 😁

  8. Mia and the girls have such a great attitude. So much fun to watch. More Mia and the girls please Pete. I did watch another video that she Mia was in and her attitude and play and so nice. Thanks to you all for the laughs

  9. Great video. Watched a few with the golf girls now. They always seem to have plenty of fun on their videos. So refreshing to watch

  10. I remember seeing Mia about 2 years ago. She has a naturally good swing. I thought she would be much better by now. With the proper coaching she could get good fast in my opinion.

  11. I can only imagine how soundly those ladies must sleep at night. I’m tired just watching them pump out that much energy 😂😂 great video!

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