I Challenged Micah Morris To A Match (Every Shot Explained)

How and Peter Finch play – every shot described!

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I Challenged To A Match (Every Shot Explained)

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  1. Whoop whoop!! What a treat. To hear Pete being slightly envious about driving distance shoes just how far Micah launches it.

  2. You’re one of my favorite YouTubers and that won’t change either 🥰 do what’s good for you❣️

    1. Read somewhere 20/20 is the average.

      Used to have 2.5, ie 20/8 back when I started my pilot training. Since then it has decreased to 0.9/1.0 (around 20/25) and my drivers licence is only valid with goggles.

  3. I’ve said this before but Pete and Micah work insanely well with each other. I’ve never seen Micah this natural and funny before and I think they are more similar than I first thought. The goofy awkwardness and the sense of humor is top notch and I catch myself laughing a ton.

  4. In the fairway with a 9 iron is always better than a wedge from the rough. Always………always.

  5. Good video. Very helpful. You guys also seem very comfortable with each other and it shows on camera.

  6. Awesome video Pete and Micha. Thanks for the content all the way in Australia. You guys are killing it! Try and limit the amount of Christmas puddings this year, ensuring you’re fighting for the New Year and more awesome content!

  7. Great video & good to see that even Micah & Pete can have a few bad shots at their level exactly like all handicap golfers however they show us the attitude needed to get over them.

  8. Micah forgetting to mention the water left on 7 😂 classic. Great match and very entertaining.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2 guys collaborating for content! Can’t WAIT to see where you take Micah to play in the UK Pete. 😀

  10. I am not sure about you statement about the wind. Where it sure has effects on a links course on a windy day, I don’t really think it pushes the ball over shorter distances on florida courses with this “slight” breeze a significant amount. On a 10 feet put I think you can barely mesure it. I tried to find scientifically studys about this but it seems there arent any.

  11. As much as I think Micah should have told Peter about the water on the left. Come on Peter? How do you not look at the score card or even the diagram on the hole marker? I have played in Florida before and its rare to not have water on a hole.

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