I Challenged A Korn Ferry TOUR Pro Golfer To A Match… Who Won?!

Luke Kwon:

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I Challenged A Korn Ferry TOUR Pro To A Match… Who Won?!

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    1. Like you Luke Want to send him one of my extra drivers and add in some gloves he always needs and I’m sure I can find him some headcovers buried in a closet somewhere lol. I have a driver with the rattle that I can’t find the patience to put it in the bag even though I smash it.

    2. Lol, I used to have a Callaway driver that was loose like that too. It drove me nuts as well haha.

    1. @Steven Douglass only the pro has 1 ball, you can use as many as u need lol

  1. Usually when you play a pro golfer its a stiff, luke seemed cool as hell. Would love some vids with him and the whole crew

    1. I’ve played with a few tour pros and this isn’t true. Most are great guys. They play pro ams weekly. Some are douches, but most aren’t

    2. @Dry Water the videos are edited to make it look like I’m comfortable on camera, I’m really not tho 😂

    3. We can’t even begin to imagine the love God has for us each and every second. Don’t let anyone make you doubt the love of our God. Don’t give up on Him, He is never giving up on you.

  2. This was one of my favorite videos in a long time. Good golf, taken seriously but not overly so. Vibes were like a money match between good friends.

    1. Mr. Clark, free advice: You need to get some respect for equipment. I have to pay for all my stuff. I cannot afford the newest stuff. But I take extreme care of what I got. You should too!

  3. Yes more vids with Like. Seems like a really nice guy. Love these types of videos because you get to see the real personalities of these golfers and not the stale tv persona the PGA puts out.

  4. Good to see Luke back in the US! Man I want to see him on the PGA Tour. Such a cool, humble guy with a great story.

  5. “Need to take my golfgame seriously, get some nice clubs…” – While holding the Mavrick. Luke seems like a cool playing partner, and clearly awesome at golf. Thumbs up!

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