I challenge an Ex-TOUR PRO to a match…at his home course!

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I challenge an Ex-TOUR PRO to a match…at his home course!

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  1. I still play with the Callaway 460(red n black one). It’s basically one of the first models AFTER the silver Great Big Bertha that you’re playing with. Around 2008 I think.

  2. Hi Pete, glad to see you using the 1 iron and the warbird I dropped off. Yes I did grip the 1 iron myself, no idea why 😂. Hope she does you proud



  3. Thank you Peter finch this is without doubt some of the best content ever. I look forward to these videos every day or so. Thanks for sacrificing your body and soul to a great cause. Keep plodding along you’re almost there

  4. I applaud your effort. The strain of it is very apparent, and you just keep on going. All things considered, your golf is not that bad.

  5. I love what you’re doing Pete. I’m definitely saying you’re not playing to your potential because of mediocre equipment or, at the very least, equipment not suited to your game and sheer exhaustion. Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re doing amazing things!

  6. That M Craft putter is 😍😍😍 Any chance it will stay in your bag after this is over Pete?

  7. I still don’t understand why you don’t have more subscribers. You are doing an amazing job. Also your video guys are the best. Thanks to all

  8. Juat restarded playing golf after 12 years and watching Peter, Rick and Good Good it 100% re-ignited my passion for golf ❤

  9. While I appreciate the Golf content and watching you struggle to play good golf because you are sore and tired etc. I would like to see more of the Bike journey portion mixed in . Thanks again Peter for you taking on this challenge for a great cause.

  10. My favorite line from the video is “Broken clock right twice, once a day.” 😂 OMG, Pete’s mind is melting!

  11. I have a few of the original tight lies clubs. The 13 degree and 16 degree are mightily versatile on the course.

  12. I’ve never seen such an exhibition off the tee, its like bread and butter for him. A joy to watch, great match 👏

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