I build the PERFECT SET for a low handicap golfer (…then play them in a match)

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I build the PERFECT SET for a low handicap golfer (…then play them in a match)

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  1. If Keiran went into this stone cold, with no practice, all I can say is WOW. He played well, and shows his talent as a 4 handicap golfer, playing with a set of clubs he has never played before. What a set though, would be happy having them in my bag, as would many of us in amateur golfland. Great video, and well done to all, much fun and banter from the whole team, which is great to see.

  2. Love these! Hope you two scramble against rick and guy! Maybe a double golf bidder where you pick the clubs for your partner?

  3. Well played Kieran, boy did you hit the ball straight and you putted like a tour pro. How about you and Pete take on Rick and Guy, 4BBB ?

    1. What a video that would be!! Think you should let everyone know where this will take place!! I’ll buy a ticket…profits can go to teams charities….

  4. Peter, im surprised! Surprised because i never thought you would be able to create such a heart worming beautiful video with such a nice competitor. Really, that was a great video, a absolut highlight on yt. I hope he got the clubs and has fun with them, he deserves it. Thanks for this great entertaining Peter! From now my view on what you do changed.

  5. That was immensley entertaining – thanks guys! Great golf, great fun, laughs, drama – perfect!

  6. Awesome! You don’t seem to play your best in match play.
    Love to see the improvements you made to your physique, absolutely ripping it while making it look effortless!

  7. Pete’s tan line on his arms is making me very jealous of how often he has clearly been away recently😂

  8. Peter is truly a guy you just can’t help but like and truly adore as a friend. Wish him nothing but the world for how great of a guy he is. Cheers buddy!

  9. Pete, no worries. Mission accomplished: The clubs you have chosen for Kieran worked out beautifully!

  10. Great video guys, more of Kieran please he has that likeability factor polar opposite to Guy great match.

  11. loved this, always wondered what it would be like with you playing against ‘non-pro’ players. and Kieran is a really likeable guy! quality again!

  12. There is something really nice and nostalgic about seeing the camera passed back and forth again. You can often forget how all videos once were. Amazing.

  13. Kieran’s reaction when you missed the put on the 2nd, Pete, was gold! Pure gold 😄

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