I build a perfect set of clubs for a MID HANDICAP golfer!

I develop the ideal set of clubs for a mid handicap player. These clubs combine forgiveness, ease of usage and playability into one best bag. Hope this assists!

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I build a perfect set of clubs for a MID HANDICAP golfer!

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  1. Saw you at the Aguila range yesterday. Just now realized I accidentally called you the wrong name 😂 That other British golf guy has nothing on you Peter. Glad you played well!

  2. Hey Peter, I think many of us would love to see the best golf ball for the average player! Since some of the premium balls can get expensive, it would be nice to see the best ball in the mid price range (so in between cheap and premium). Keep up the great work and love the videos!

    1. You should try the Kirkland from Costco, great ball and £30 for 24 balls! Pete has done reviews on them before

    2. @@Georgeeamess thanks for recommendation! I actually just bought some Costco Kirkland golf balls, still waiting to try them out though because of the weather

    3. @@connorjacobs5530 that’s what I game the Kirkland. At the end of the day it’s all about what’s in your head. When I play a pro V I don’t want to loose them as they’re £5 a ball and I end up loosing them. Played my best rounds with Kirkland and gives a lot of confidence. Good luck 👊🏼

  3. Great work Pete & Team! Would love to see the video you mention, discussing a good ball for mid-to-high handicappers.

  4. I think this video and your videos in general are really good and very informative. Plus, you actually made it very interesting. You can also tell that you put a lot of effort into it😌

  5. Pete said how the Mizuno’s are overlooked but in this category I think people are sleeping on the Srixon ZX4 and ZX5 MK-II’s

    1. 100%. Just went through this process. After testing most of the big brands I tried both 4’s and 5’s. Both worked and felt great, and in the same facility, I got a clonking deal on a demo set of ZX4 MkII’s (only the 7i hit on an inside sim, so they looked brand new). Felt like I’d nicked them. Half the price of the Titleist. Even had my perfect shaft.

  6. Great video Pete, I am currently a 25 handicap and have put the stealth 2 hd 5 wood in my bag to replace a 4 iron and it’s been great, so much more consistent and feel more confident

  7. Great video. Lots of details and insights. On a side note, I also enjoyed your single length irons video which can also help mid-high handicappers.

  8. Need that golf ball for average golfer video. Was really hoping you and Trottie had the Good Good tourney. Y’all put on a good run. Well done.

  9. Really liked this video and would love a mid handicap ball test as well. Everything I’ve been told while getting fitted for my new clubs over the past year is echoed in this video which is great and I can honestly say I do think more and more people are getting more hybrids/fairway woods instead of the longer irons because the “stigma” is slowly going away. I love my hybrid and you can do so much with a hybrid today that I don’t feel I’m missing much not using a long iron.

  10. Currently around a 17 handicap. I have an Oddessey 2 ball putter, Cleveland wedges, Cobra t-rail irons (was a 30 handicap a year and a half ago prob next thing for me to replace), PXG 7 wood and 25 degree hybrid and Cobra F9 Driver. I really like where my bag is currently. I think the T200’s are solid options for irons and would definitely be on my short list if I replace mine!

  11. As someone in this handicap range who has been shouting from the rooftops about the Cleveland CBX wedges and Ping i525 irons for a while now, it’s so nice to see them getting some love.

  12. Love the content! I’ve grown bored of most golf channels. But never this one! Really wanna try the zipcore wedges.

  13. Definitely like to see a ball recommendation for midcappers as you mentioned in the video. One thing to include is durability. Here in the States I love the Maxfli Tour, which does not seem to be readily available in your neck of the woods. However, its durability is not the greatest. Sand shots in particular seem to damage them more than, say, a Pro V1x…look forward to hearing what you think about balls for midcappers, if there is anything else other than the usual suspects that you’d recommend.

  14. This was a cracking video. Love seeing Reddish Vale Golf Club represented. Beautiful course. Surprised you didn’t include the Wilson D9 forged.

  15. Great video. Going to be looking at replacing my old fairway woods before spring.
    Would love to see a ball review for more average players. Currently playing the Maxfli Tour and loving it

  16. T150 awesome. Be warned with the t200&t300 chrome bubbling up issues. I switched to P790 and love them. No issues yet

  17. Great job Pete. You always give me much to consider. You have got me to look seriously at a Mizuno driver. Would enjoy the golf ball advice.

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