How To Practice Golf At A Driving Range (FOR ALL GOLFERS)

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How To At A Driving Range (FOR ALL GOLFERS)

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  1. Here goes Finchy. I’ve watched endless videos on how to improve various facets of my golf (only 6 months into the journey, come from a very sporting background and struggling to come to terms with how slowly I’m improving, if I am at all).
    Found a good coach for lessons locally recently but the changes to my grip and swing and very hard work. Ball striking consistently is diabolical and after some rounds I want to pack it in.
    But I know I’m not alone. Need to learn to enjoy golf even when I’m not playing v well, but easier said than done!

    Love the content mate. Keep the gym up 💪

  2. I’ve been playing for less than a year but I love going to the track man driving range, choosing the 9 hole course and if there’s a shot I want to keep practising I just press ‘mulligan’ over and over until I’m happy, then move on.

  3. I get my practice at my clubs practice area; not the best layout etc but it works for me. And to be honest I stick to the short clubs only; #8, #9, PW and GW. At my age and with my game those are the clubs I need to be good at.

  4. Man oh man do I love a good grind session. I almost prefer the range over a round, but nothing beats a birdie on 1 or 18 at my course

  5. Great idea for a video at this time of year – really like the warm up idea and never thought of that varied practice structure either. Cheers Pete! 👍

  6. Amazing video Peter, really going to use these tips on my golf sim at home during my practice sessions. Thanks!

  7. Great little tip as more trackman ranges have been opening up in the northern US! Also great to see that SIM back in the bag 👀

  8. The top tracer and the in range driving ranges are game changers, it’s so good to see every shot on screen with data. Even better is having the app and and it saving the data to your phone to analyse later. Really improved my practice!

  9. Great video and great idea for warming up, keep them coming pete and i like all the swing quest tips 👍⛳

  10. So you’re telling me not to hit a large bucket with driver trying to break Kyle’s ball speed record ???

  11. Loved this! There’s a TopTracer range near me and it’s very hard not to just spend 90 balls on the long drive mode. I use the general warm up to see my shot shapes and try new things. Then I’ll take those feels onto a virtual 9 holes.

  12. To add to your topic, there is a wonderful video (about 10 minutes long) of Bobby Jones doing a warmup/practice session and his comments are invaluable even today. BTW – I much prefer a range session hitting off of grass. Mats have a much firmer surface and I can’t get the clubhead down through the ball as well, so I wind up having to adjust my swing and ball position to compensate.

  13. Brilliant video! I definitely pitch up to the range with no real plan. Can’t wait to give this a go.

  14. I am happy stetching at the range. I’m not getting any younger and it makes a huge difference to my swing.

  15. Love it!
    I do almost the same. Except I go up odd irons to driver, than down the bag evens (my rythm is:Sam Snead).
    Then I “play” nine holes, but I get my putter out, trying to hit the tee peg, from different parts of the matt.

  16. Great video Pete that makes so much sense at the driving range, so many different shots, pure class 👌🏌‍♂⛳

  17. Would love to have a range like that near me. Would have liked to know how expensive it was for that 100 balls because I was surprised at how quiet it was. Has to be a lot cheaper though than a 1 hour trackman session with your Pro!.

  18. Very good advice. Love this content. I thought my local, public range was nice with top tracer. Never mind this posh one with robots and trackman 😍

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