How GRANT HORVAT changed my iron swing FOREVER!

A live lesson as enhances my iron swing!

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My training channel: @swingquest

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How changed my iron swing FOREVER!

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  1. I have felt for a long time your aim has been left of the pin, interesting to see what Grant was trying to get you to do – clearly you felt uncomfortable but those shots did start to stay on target.

  2. Thank you for this video, aiming and body alignment is always left aside by many people. They always try to fix their swing when that is not the issue.

    1. So in 1 hour you’ve watched the video and managed to squeeze in a round of golf? I respect the grind ✊

  3. Fun stuff as usual. I always like really technical stuff about golf, even though I’m just getting to a place where I can call myself a lowish handicapper I love learning about swing mechanics.

  4. Pete: “I haven’t had my swing looked at in ages”
    Also pete: posts 3 video’s a week showcasing his gem of a swing

  5. It’s impressive how Peter can hear verbal instructions and follow them on the very next swing. Good stuff.

  6. More of this. This was very interesting. The aim alignment thing was exceptionally cool to see feel vs reality. I also like how it only took a few swings for Pete to change and still hit it so pure. I was having issues chipping the ball last year, could not figure it out. Normally really good. One guy watching me says “You’re dipping”. Instant light bulb moment. Some times it just takes a nice trained eye to fix small things.

  7. Grant has an eye for details and picks up on little thing very quickly. You almost never see that in a younger coach/pro. At least in my experience.

  8. I know that sometimes the camera angle creates differing angles but from the video it looks like your shoulder alignment is still open, I’d try to straighten this off not so much by closing the shoulders but by softening the right elbow slightly which will shallow the swing out and give a better connection through the swing.. but hey whatever works for you is what matters.. wouldn’t worry to much as timing wise you’ll fall back into…

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