Have you ever played a golf course that is not 18 or 9 holes? #golfshorts #shorts #golfer

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Have you ever played a course that is not 18 or 9 holes? #golfshorts #shorts #golfer

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  1. You should try and get a game at shiskine golf club, a beautiful and quirky course. 12 holes is a nice number of holes

  2. Yes, about 40 years ago I played a 6 hole golf course that was scratched out of the side of a mountain in Colorado. The fairways were left natural but cut now and then. The greens were made of hard sand, and to putt you were allowed to flatten your path with the back end of a specially made rake. The cost in the late 70’s-early 80’s was $3 for 6 holes, $5 for 12 and $6.00 for 18. It is gone now but I have very fond memories of playing there.

  3. I played Blackwaterfoot on the Isle of Arran 30+ years ago.
    12 holes.
    6 of the holes have tees allowing you to play the hole from a different angle to make the course up to 18.
    Lovely wee course with great views.

  4. Backworth Golf Club in North Tyneside, a 9 hole course but there is a second green for playing the 10th hole to start off the back nine

  5. There’s a 6 hole public course in Aberdeen. Just across the Don estuary from Royal Aberdeen. Slight easier too.

  6. Barnbougle in Tasmania has a great little 14 hole course called “Bougle Run”. There are 12 x par 3s & 2 x par 4s & it’s really a lot of fun!

  7. Three Hammers golf course, where I believe you played last summer, is now 15 holes! They have removed the last 3 holes to build an adventure golf course. 17 and 18 were my favourite holes. They have completely ruined a fantastic short course.
    A few years ago I played a 6 hole course in Budapest but I think it has since closed.

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