Have PXG just DESTROYED EVERY OTHER DRIVER? (watch to the end…)

Believe me … watch to the end! In this video I check the 0311 GEN6 to see if have finally made a chauffeur to challenge the "big" brand names!

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Have PXG just DESTROYED EVERY OTHER DRIVER? (watch to the end…)

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  1. PXG was always a brand I was never sure about, then I took a chance on their Gen5 driving iron. I bought the blacked out version, with an Aldila NV Green shaft, .5 inch longer and a fatter grip for 200 dollars and the club is INCREDIBLE. I never tried any of their stuff before, but now they are on my radar. I keep seeing reviews of their current Gen6 products and it has me thinking about comparing them to my current setup to see if I get anything more out of them.

    Great video, Pete!

    1. I always kind of loathed PXG, just because it was seemingly such an overpriced/hyped brand…

      I bit Cobra Kings for the past 20 years, and Hogans when I was little…

      Last year I decided to go hit some PX gees at a local country club and see what a fitting would turn up for me.

      I have to say, it was the most comprehensive fitting I’ve ever heard of, and I’m just going to leave it at this… I hate these irons so unbelievably well that I am now in evangelist forPXG .

      I’m still a Callaway 1w-4h guy.

  2. I’ve just got this driver, with a 10.5* head and a reg tensei blue shaft. I tested this against the stealth, and for me it was so so accurate as you say. Also, PXG have just been incredible regarding the service provided. They even fitted my own grips to the club, and also made sure they got the swing weight right. Not sure any other manufacturer would do that.m

  3. Maybe give the G430 LST another go. You got along with it in your previous videos, but stealth had 2 more yards of distance.

  4. I would NEVER have considered PXG at all due to their previous pricing but now they would show up in my radar as it were. And I have to say I am very very surprised at the two issues you have had with TaylorMade Stealth driver faces popping out; very strange to see that happen.

  5. Pete. Thank you for your willingness to show us the TM Stealth’s that have de-laminated. Takes balls. Keep up the great videos

  6. All things aside (distance, forgiveness, control – all comparable to the major brands), the customer service of PXG is another level. I’ve never had such great customer service from my local rep for ANY other brands. PXG goes above and beyond for their customers at least in my experience.

  7. When I got my fitting done I had the best results with the Stealth 2 plus, so that’s in my bag. But I really did like the Ping too.

    I’ve seen a couple of people have issues with the Paradym too so not sure if how these new drivers are being made are a bit lore flimsy?

    Give the stealth another go with a 3 strikes and you’re out policy. Be interested to see if you can get answers from someone at TaylorMade though, as hope I don’t get the same issue :/

    If I did though, I’d go to the Ping!

  8. I got fitted for the Gen 5 driver last summer and they had a huge sale going on. Not only did I get it for a ridiculous price but it’s also been great in the bag. Much more forgiving and consistent without giving up distance. I am now a PXG fan and am considering them for other clubs in the bag

  9. My PXG 311X is waaaay more accurate than my Taylor made with similar if not better distances also, a lot more forgiving. I did not get fitted but the online options really helped. I went 1/2 shorter on a senior flex shaft and one size bigger on the grips and it’s a world of difference!
    I’m definitely a PXG guy now

  10. I applaud PXG for not trying to innovate with new driver “features” but rather finally make just a good solid driver that appeals to many. They’re woods have lacked from the start, so this is cool.

    1. Says a lot about the driver market in general. PXG, of all manufacturers, haven’t made crazy claims this time around, and manufacturers like Taylormade, Callaway, and Cobra have made big claims and changes with their recent drivers, and I’m not sure that they really change as much as they would want us to believe

  11. Now I kinda wanna see a Long Drive competitor hit the sh*t out of a factory new Stealth2 and see how fast they can break it

  12. The PXG price strategy is not a secret. They’re following the same model Tesla did. Bring out exclusive gear first that sells for a premium. Once the R&D and production facility costs have been paid, go for the mass market. Their irons have been absolutely superb from day 1 but the drivers have just not had the little extra they needed. With the Gen 6’s however, I am very tempted to add the woods to my iron set.

  13. Been fortunate enough to be with PXG since GEN5 and can safely say we absolutely love the product! Had not previously used any and think the GEN6 range especially is proper decent

  14. I have this exact driver in 7.5 and I absolutely love it the sound the feel the consistency it takes a second to get used too but definitely get fitted

  15. You’re not the only one to pop the face on the Stealth 2 +, did that after a month. For a warranty replacement, it seems fine now, but I also did it with the Stealth 1+. I heard rumors of this happening a lot, but it is interesting to see it isn’t just me, and I typically play at 110 to 112 mph swing speed.

  16. The great thing about Peter Finch is his genuine excitement about hitting a great shot and convinced about its outcome, only for the inevitable let down when he realizes it fell short, but through it all he’s got a smile on his face. That is the kind of golfer I want to be.

  17. Was fitted for a Gen6 this winter.
    Coming from a Rogue SZ.
    When hitting my SZ for a baseline, I can usually call the shots without even looking up at Reg Trackman.
    When hitting the Gen6 I lost that ability because the forgiveness was so much better.
    My previous longest drive on the course under any conditions (wind aided)😊
    Was 304 two years ago
    This year I’ve done 312 under similar circumstances 😮
    Not bad for 66 years old.
    The driver is legit, long and forgiving for NOT being the forgiveness model.

  18. Peter, it’s truly enlightening. To see a pro, who has more to spend than myself, making the effort to find what fits you the best. I appreciate how in depth and critical, you get with your testing to figure out what will be best in your bag.
    I also love the feel, sound, and forgiveness of TaylorMade woods. I can be more of a TaylorMade groupie than most of my friends when it comes to the woods. But there is something to be said for quality. I have noticed a slight lack of finished quality when it comes with some of the TaylorMade woods. That right there may make me look at a different brand. Currently, financially, I’m staying with what I have. But if the face were to fall off like yours? Yes! I’d move on.
    Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see your full build you bag. When it’s done. Cheers!

  19. Depends on durability since your stealth 2 keeps breaking lol, but I would consider putting the pxg in the bag Pete.

  20. Got the Gen4 still, been great for me and better than any other driver I’ve tried, might upgrade when the Gen7 comes out

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