Can we play the UK’s 3 HIGHEST golf courses in 24 hours!?

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Leadhills Golf Club –

In this video we handle an obstacle of playing the 3 greatest golf courses in the UK in 24hrs, can we endure this impressive journey and complete a difficulty that nobody has actually done before!

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Can we play the UK’s 3 HIGHEST golf courses in 24 hours!?

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  1. I’m glad a YouTuber with a lot of following has visited West Monmouthshire and showcased the course. It deserves more recognition! Hope you enjoyed my home course, we hope you visit again soon!

  2. So many awesome concepts being pumped out by you and the team of late, Pete. Keep up the great content mate ❤️

  3. First off, I just have to say that Peter’s golf bag is just BANANAS!!!!!!!! I love it. This had to be an amazing challenge to be part of. You guys are killing it right now, and your content is outstanding.

  4. Love it mate! You’re without doubt an honorary scot and i for one appreciate how well you frame the fantastic golf in Scotland! Youre a better ambassador for Scottish Golf than anyone.

  5. What an effort! We done Pete and team! Can wait for you next challenge hopefully see you in Bristol

  6. Wow! What a fantastic challenge and superb effort from all the team. How nice of the chaps at Leadhills to not only welcome you with a bottle of whisky, but also walk the course with you in such bad weather. 👏👏to all concerned. BTW, it shd have been a longer video.

  7. Is it just me or should this video have been longer and bigger?! That had to be a lot of fun, but one crazy exhausting day of golf! Just playing three rounds in one day would be tough, but add to that all the driving and stuff and Holy Moly! Just Simply Amazing, Pete & Co!!! Congratulations!!!

  8. Personally would’ve loved an hour long video on this! Would’ve been so good! That said; this was a quality vid!

  9. Great video Pete. Nice views and an excellent challenge. I teed off in Addis Ababa (at the one golf course in Ethiopia), first tee altitude was 8,000 feet. The ball flies a long way!!

  10. Fantastic challenge and well done. Great effort particularly considering the weather on the last course. Great to see courses out of the norm being showcased for a change. Did laugh when you guys turned up at the last course in shorts. Hope you enjoyed the whisky.

  11. This is a fairly short low key video for such a monumental achievement! Can’t believe you only lost one ball on the last course!

  12. They were so good to you at that last course. Would have loved to hear more about each course.

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