Can Scratch Golfer Break Par Around BEST COURSE IN EUROPE?!

I handle the very best course in Europe! Substantial thanks to Quinta do Lago for hosting us, and making a genuinely memorable trip! Ensure to check them out here:

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Can Scratch Golfer Break Par Around BEST COURSE IN EUROPE?!

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  1. Great video Peter finch hope ur channel gets more recognition, keep up the good work

  2. Played there in late march! Unbelievable course, so is the north course and the Laranjal! My uncle hit an outrageous flop shot out of the tattooine houses’ back garden deep in mos eisley to save par, pretty intoxicated also!

  3. peter one of the few people on yt that consistently gets better and better video to video

  4. just love when you talk through shots and pull them off or at least get very close to doing so

  5. You don’t half put pressure on yourself, still a bloody good round of golf Pete β›³οΈπŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈβ›³οΈ

  6. Prediction for the score is a Silver Medal, the houses around that course are insane

  7. Great content as usual Pete, and thanks to your team for the awesome camera work and editing.

  8. I played that course in February this year, and it was a great course. However, you should play the San Lorenzo course, also by Quinta do Lago, which is close by, very impressive course!

    And if you want to play proper Links in the Algarve, then make the journey to Palmares Golf Club; absolute exquisite πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  9. Lovin how happy you were with life after the 5th and 6th.
    Think you best go break in those wedge grooves 🀣

  10. That second shot on the 8th hole was unfortunate to be a bit long. Perhaps Kieran can ask the birds (since he’s the bird whisperer) how to play that chip on that green. πŸ˜† Next stop, Birdie Central!

  11. Shoots an incredible score off the back tees and looks like he’s still left shots out there. Playing unreal golf right now Pete, great to watch.

    How you don’t have a million subscribers yet is absolutely beyond me… Awesome content fella. Keep it up guys!

  12. I gotta say Pete has got a good touch putting. Most holes he misses only go past the hole 10-12 inches. Pretty good

  13. Non caffeine Pete reminds me of my Golden Retriever , all over the place . SQUIRREL!!! Love the content and this series is GOLD!!!!
    I think as directed after the 4th hole I say you get Silver!
    Thank you and your team!!

  14. I play Vokey wedges and love them too Pete. So much feel. Great round (I’m on the 14th).

  15. Great video, I hope you do lots more and really make a big deal of getting a handicap and following where it’s at in all full round videos. It would be great to follow and it seems bizarre that other big youtube golfers haven’t played around with personal handicap content, it’s relatable and engaging.

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