Can Scratch Golfer Break 80 Around IMPOSSIBLE Golf Course

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Can Scratch Golfer Break 80 Around IMPOSSIBLE Course

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  1. What an incredible looking course. Looks like so much fun, and humbling for the less than professional players, let alone a scratch golfer.

  2. “We lost like… 8 balls!”… me looking at the empty bucket that had 150 balls at the beginning of this season… great content as always Mr. Finch and Team!

    1. I ‘ve lost 7 my last round, makes me feel better now 😂 not high HCP but the course is made pretty much in forest with tight fairways so i never use brand new Prov1s of tips, i use “used” ones than new for my short game..just bad feeling when you play 4 rounds and lose 120€ on balls 😂

    2. I lost a dozen at the hardest course I’ve ever played a month or so ago. Felt like a real scrub.

  3. What a golf course, and a superbly entertaining video to show it off. Thanks Pete! (Much as I like Rick’s content as well, I don’t understand the difference in subscriber numbers – you deserve to be up there at least with him!)

  4. This had to be one of the best course vlogs I’ve ever seen. From no pars all the way to the string of pars that all felt like birdies…Hilarious great video and editing!

  5. You’ve massively leveled up your production since I started watching years ago and I have to say I absolutely love to see it! Always makes me almost jealous how much fun it looks like the whole crew have!

  6. One of the best course vlogs I’ve seen. First 7 holes especially crazy and the drivers of the deck were class. Taking pride in the fact I had more pars in my last round then you did in this one, haha! Cheers for the great content Pete!

  7. That was Outstanding!
    Entertaining. Hilarious. And at the end, I actually felt a little anxiety when you got over the last putt.
    Well Done!!!!

  8. absolutely loved this, best vlog you’ve done in ages! love watching you play strokeplay, but in tournaments, if you get too much in your own head, it can be gutwrenching to watch when it’s not going your way.. this relaxed vibe is so much better! well done!

  9. Fantastic video! Loved the format, love the fact you include your team in the action, and love anything you do that ties in LPGA/LET content. Can’t wait for the Solheim Cup in 2023, after seeing this video.

  10. Wow! What a great piece, massive fun to watch. Production values up another notch on this one. Bunch of terrific shots on a brutal (but stunning) golf course. Thanks for the great content.

  11. Love the content Peirre! Editing has been great as well!! More of this please. Keep up the great work ALL!

  12. Great stuff as always. One request for your editors if possible. Some of us who are colour blind find it a bit problematic seeing a green circle around the ball (like the approach on 12) against a green background. Any chance of using white or yellow? Thanks!

  13. For some reason I got really invested in this round. That last putt… oh my goodness, pins and needles. Well done!!

  14. Great vlog and wow, some awesome golf as well though a tad harrowing at times.
    Loved how Keiran and Jacob kept control of the cameras during the hugs at the end

  15. That was a stunning video and round. What scrambling that was and it must almost feel like a 70. We all need rounds like that to prove to ourselves that for all the poor shots, we can still put a score together. For us mere mortals it’s not just Pro golfers that are on a different planet to us but some courses as well. Well done and great to see how much that meant to you.

  16. Absolutely an awesomely entertaining video. I am glad you are playing this course because I don’t have nearly enough golf balls, patience or even guts to ever think about this course as one to play lol

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