I attempt to win the ! I took a trip back in time to see if I can win the 2017 . Big thanks to partners of the Dundonald Hyperlinks for hosting the match. For more information on the course and remain & play plans:

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    1. Thanks for watching message right away I have something for you..

  1. So glad you’ve bought this back, should for sure keep this up, with the lads commentating as well 🔥

    1. Thanks for watching message right away I have something for you..

  2. These are my favourite style of videos to watch! The commentary along with the good golf content makes them so watchable ❤️

    1. Really?! I found these two lads annoying as hell and can’t even watch it so haven’t

  3. I enjoyed that, Pete! Those back tees are brutal. I shot 3 under yesterday, but from 6,005. Huge difference! The course was wet, so it played long, but still….

  4. When you do these style videos it tops everything else on you tube in the golf world imo. It’s pure class and feels like featured group coverage. MORE PLEASE!

  5. Awesome video. The camera work was exceptional as was the golf. Loved the drone view with the tracker.

  6. Again, super enjoyable video! Your approach shots and putting have improved so much this year, really fun to watch.

  7. Awesome. Enjoyed it from start to finish. Great fun!
    I would love to see a video like this with your old crew… Rick, Andy & Matt.

  8. Love getting the team involved as always. Don’t see anything of this across YouTube but Pete remains true to his team. Fantastic video lads

  9. Great vid Pete. This “tournament” type of video is great! They are so unique and fun to watch. With the commentary added it’s just pure class. Can’t wait to see ya hit a million subs Pete!!

  10. Absolutely enjoyed this. I’ve only just begun watching this episode, and it’s already one of my favorites. Well done Finchy.

  11. Hi Chief – I’ve noticed in my game that when I make my grips slightly too small everything trends to the left and when I make them slightly too large everything trends to the right. I wonder if maybe you’ve gone a touch too big with those grips and you’d be better off for direction control with a single size smaller…

    PS I enjoy these style of videos a lot

  12. I love the aerial shot tracers from the green pointing back to the tee box. High quality stuff.

    Haven’t finished the video yet but am enjoying every minute of it!

  13. The best video yet. Great entertainment. Huge congratulations to the whole team. I hope we see a lot more of this format.

  14. Yes Chief, great stuff. Commentary is a brilliant addition, would to see more of these 👏

  15. Loving the content Pete, this series of video is one of my favorites. The added commentary along with your smooth swing is so much fun, looking forward to more!

  16. “Chip and Sandy” honestly could have a real future in golf commentary! The content quality of this channel is just pure class and it truly makes me happy to continually see the subscribers grow! Such a wonderful job, guys! By the way, the sound of the strike on the chip with PW was world class! I wish that was my “message alert” tone on my cell phone!

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