CAN €400 PUTTER STOP 3 PUTTS!! #golfshorts #golfequipment #shorts

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CAN €400 PUTTER STOP 3 PUTTS!! #golfshorts #golfequipment #shorts

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  1. Stop with the nonsense… Putting requires consistent technique, ability to properly read greens and feel…NONE of those are achieved through putter construction or materials… Stop with the nonsense…

    1. I mean, science proves otherwise. Unless you can strike the ball in the dead center every single time, there will be serious variation in the balls launch. If you have tech to help correct that, your putting over a longer period of time will be better.

      Now, if you can’t read greens and strike it _reasonably_ consistently, you’ll suck no matter what. But I find the tech in putters is only going to suit people around a 10 handicap or better. If you’re a 25, your putting is likely so wild that no tech will help. Or maybe your putting is the best part of your game and everything else sucks. 🤷

  2. To be fair, I even find putters like a Spider or a mallet to be weird. I am a fan of the blade and it’s what I putt best with.

    1. A blade or a a mid mallet which is really only a blade with a bit behind it. I find some of the contraptions these days to be bizarre looking at address. I think it’s mainly providing a placebo effect for many golfers.

  3. I’ll be honest. I’m glad to see this club exist because that only means that SOMEONE is going to pick up on this idea, refine it, reduce the cost and it will end up helping more people. It’s future tech… expect that kind of thing in like 3-5 years at a more reasonable price from a more well known name.

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