Can a YOUTUBER break 80 round this RYDER CUP FORTRESS?

What can a scratch player rating round the 2027 Ryder Cup course? To discover, I travelled to Adare Manor, a Ryder Cup fortress in the making, to see how low I might go!

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Can a YOUTUBER break 80 round this RYDER CUP FORTRESS?

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  1. Those tee boxes are absolutely mint. It’s a giant pet peeves of mine on public courses that the tee boxes simply aren’t even level. I don’t even complain about how short they’re cut or how they roll, I just want them FLAT.

    That course just looks like the stuff of dreams. The castle/manor/estate in the background is stunning.

    And to think that courses difficulty will be ramped up for the pros and they’ll still go shoot 65.

    1. @jackblackbourn magic It’s not just ball striking. I’m +1 so I can strike the ball well enough most of the time. It’s their accuracy of distance and short game that is incredible.

    2. I’d like to see them stack 400 cans of beans in 3 minutes. If they did it all day like me, they could do it as fast I’m sure. If they tried really hard.

    3. ​@David Graham Listening to Adam Scott speak about the time he was at his peak just losing the open and winning the masters you realise yes they have top natural talent but God do they practice practice practice all day every day and bringing their game up to speed for the major’s like getting a race horse ready. The hours and dedication to every single aspect of their game is unreal.

    4. They have a caddy who work with them and know the shots before the golfer does. Taking nothing away from Pete’s caddy, but if they played together for a year or even 6 solid months, I bet Pete gets closer to that 70 threshold. To be honest, he wasn’t really far away from a par round.

  2. Now that you and Rick have played this course , when are we going to see a head to head between you’s two on this course ?

  3. Fantastic location and footage. You were wicked unlucky with some of your putts, after scoring that round, you deserved a Guinness rather than a coffee sir. Well played again ☘️☘️

  4. Scott, what a pro. Right at the end, all he wanted to do was take the putter out of your hand but too nice to say so 😂

  5. Second video I’ve seen recently from this course and it’s stunning. Greens are so good and you must have been desperate to do well out there but just wasn’t to be. Just got to be so accurate or you’re left with some tough putts. Probably should have had a +3 or 4 but still a great performance. I think I would be intimidated having a caddie because every time I made a mistake or didn’t hit it where he suggested I’d feel I was letting him down!.

  6. Once again guys I must say it, keep on killing it .. Pete may have birthed this thing but all the respect to the team for moulding this channel to what it is. Haven’t even finished the video, just like to say it once in a while. Good job

  7. OMG what a stunning place 😮 you played great IMO – what a totally amazing place – it’s on my list but I don’t think they’d let a 26 handicapper play there!

  8. Love the video Pete, Great content, Pure class, stunning course, looks really hard, well done 👌🏌‍♂⛳

  9. Well done again team Finch, great video ,great golf, and I have to say I am sooo envious of your swing ,it looks soo controlled . Well done too Scott and Adare Manor beautiful part of Ireland.

    Cheers to you all.

  10. I never knew the reason behind the different cuts on the fairway affecting the roll out of the ball! 👍

  11. I think it was a fantastic round. Breaking 80 from the tips was a job well done. What a gorgeous course. Definitely a bucket list course. I can’t wait for the Ryder cup now. Great video Pete. 💯👍🏻

  12. Pete, great content as always, but the real stars of this video is your editing crew. Keeping in the caddie conversation throughout was great. Really gave a great feel for the round. Top notch team you have.

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