BILLY HORSCHEL challenged me to a match at Wentworth!

challenged me at the site of his success – ! Many thanks for for helping arrange this, make certain to check them out on Instagram: @_golfsport

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challenged me to a match at !

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  1. The banter I’m literally crying tears of joy! … Billy thank you ever so much for your gracious support of Peter’s channel, I hope you may be able to find time to repeat your prestigious attendance to the channel.

    1. Think this might have been a commercial arrangement organised by club supplier or Pete’s fellow shareholders

  2. Billy is a “ top guy” and these guys have good chemistry. Good luck this weekend to Billy and it’s great that he supports the European Tour.

    1. Yup a top man, got to love Billy. A little bit less love for Pete, but a bit less is better than none at all 😂

  3. Love this.
    You guys need to play an 18 hole match.
    There’s something that just works!!
    Billy is amazing

  4. This was a blast! Billy seems very genuine, and funny. Your description of that seven wood shot ” floated like a dove searching for peace in a distant land” had me on the floor.

  5. Since Billy broke onto the scene in the UK, he has been a must watch for me. Love his down to earth style, a seemingly good guy and I’m sure he has a great connection with the fans wherever he goes. I wish more top tour pro’s would entertain like this.

  6. Just watched the last challenge (again) and you are just about to tee off in this one.

    You guys have such a great comedy repertoire! <3
    Looking forward to another amazing challenge :o)

  7. Billy just seems like such a fantastic guy! These are some of my favorite videos on YouTube, period! The banter (a.k.a. smack talk) back and forth is so funny and light hearted!

  8. Loved Billy’s little winning celebration dance at the end. What a good sport he is for appearing on your channel.

  9. I love videos like this and the last one as we would have never got to see just what a hugely nice guy Billy is. Class pro and great, genuine banter, despite him being a hammers fan I’m a big fan of his now. Great video Pete, top drawer.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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