Are Japan’s Golf Clubs REALLY The Best In the World?

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Are Japan’s Clubs REALLY The Best In the World?

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  1. Peter, you have to make the last 20 seconds into a short! My goodness that’s too funny 😅😂

    1. @I am wrong but Kyoei blades are sooooooooooo clean. If I had couple thousand dollars for irons, I am buying those.

  2. They all look amazing but you have to test out the Itobori’s, right? Everything else looks traditional and just clean. Those Itobori irons are just wild.

  3. Tested Epon’s a while ago and I was BLOWN AWAY. The absolute softest irons I’ve hit and I’m on my third set of MP’s

    1. They are the house brand of the Endo forging house, used by a lot of more known brands to forge their iron heads (Titleist, etc.). Great clubs!

  4. I’ve just bought a set of Miura TC-201’s 😍, been lusting after them for a while. They feel amazing & sneaky distance with them. Even got the cord Miura grips, so nice may use iron covers on them. 🫣

  5. Would love to see you test them stunning itobori irons. And see them close up they look amazing Almost art work!!..That last scene at the end was hilarious by the way after seeing the last iron 😂😂

  6. I’ve golfed in Japan several times. The courses are very well kept as you’d expect but typically a bit of a formal affair. Why not connect with Matsuyama’s old caddy, Daisuke Shindo? He retired from caddying and is pretty much a YouTuber in Japan these days. “Uum Golf” is his channel. He’s got quite a few subscribers. 👍

  7. Surely getting a set of itobori is a must. The artistry looks amazing. I would personally have them framed for the office!

  8. Hey Peter, love the content! I agree, those Itobori clubs look unbelievable. Amongst all of these, I would enjoy seeing a review of those because they are less known and stand out from the others. Also the turf interaction with the chiseled sole has me curious.

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  9. Glad you put “Fourteen” into the mix. I LOVE the look of their clubs, and I happened to luck into a set of their wedges when I bought some old Ping ISI-K’s from a guy on Craigslist. The irons were black dot, 3-SW, nickel with Ping graphite shafts AND he included 3 Fourteen wedges for $80! At the time, gas prices spiked significantly and I had to drive out to get the clubs from him so he knocked off $20. $60 out the door! When I got them home i gave everything a thorough cleaning and OH MY DAYS!!! I had to regroove the wedges a little bit, but they are way too spangly to play with!

    Itobori’s are gorgeous, too, but the “Kyoei”sequence at the end?? 😂😂😂

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  10. Currently own Fourteen TB7’s and Miura MC-501. Absolutely love them and they feel better than anything I’ve ever hit

    But those Seven irons and Kyoei irons have been my dream set for years!!!

  11. Hey Peter. I was stationed in Japan 30 odd years ago and going into the local golf shops was a treat. The variety of brands was amazing.

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      Expect more videos soon
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  12. This is awesome Peter! I’m a total Japanese forged irons fan. Must let you know. Every thing I’ve read and seen, about the Miura KM700. Is outstanding.

    I truly would appreciate if you could and would give these a work through. Your review might help me break my bank to buy my own.

    Thanks. Keep up the great work, Cheers!

  13. Love the Japanese golf aesthetic. Kyoei, Itobori, Muira and Fujimoto coud all hang in a gallery, so beautiful are the designs and craftsmanship. Always had Mizuno irons but I’d like to go niche…

  14. Hey Pete, great video have a love for Japanese clubs myself. Got a set of Grindworks (Patrick Reed uses them – surprised they didn’t feature) MB-1 irons if you want to test them, probably the sexiest irons I’ve ever seen!

  15. That ending is pure gold LOL. As for the clubs to check out from Japan? I have to go with either the Itobori’s for their wild design or the Kyoei’s with the raw finish. Both would be amazing just as a collector’s item.

  16. @Peter Finch this is my favourite video you have ever put out. I was clenching my sphincter the whole video hoping kyoei was the final one on your list.

    I have spent countless hours on the Japanese rabbit trail. Couple notes.

    Kyoei – apparently Katsuhiro Muira worked at the Kyoei factory as a youngster prior to starting Muira. It is where he learned how to forge clubs. I own a set of the KK CBs and have steel fibre i95 shafts in them. You will never hit a better feeling club in your life.

    Epon – is the in house brand of a forging house called Endo. Endo is the company that forged Tiger Woods irons. Not Muira

    Vega – is also forged by Kyoei

    You should also look up Yururi. They have a cult following and their wedges are unbelievable.

    Itobari – is actually cheaply made in China. The designs are then ground in Japan. Quality wise they are nowhere close to the other companies.

    Finally – the mainstream Japanese brands can not hold a candle to these other pesser known club makers when it comes to feel

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  17. Both the Itobori and Kyoei. The Sevens would be incredible as well. Japan is really doing the most with their metal work in golf clubs.

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  18. Nice reviews! Two of my friends each have an itobori set, one friend has a whole set from driver to wedges and putters with the burnt blue/copper looks. It’s not cheap but the craftsmanship is mesmerizing, forged and feels soft but not as soft as some other Japanese blades.

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      Expect more videos soon
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