8 BIGGEST MISTAKES When Buying A Golf Driver

Purchasing a driver can be a difficult choice however there are some things you can try to avoid. Here are the 8 biggest mistakes I see golfers make.

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8 BIGGEST MISTAKES When Buying A Driver

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  1. Since you mentioned a used club being out of the warranty period, it’s worth noting that some manufacturers guarantee their products for life.

    I own a set of Ping i20 irons that I bought used (from the Callaway pre-owned site). Three of the irons have lost the weights in the last two years. Despite my not being the original owner, and despite them being 10 years old, Ping repaired them for free, even paying for shipping.

    1. Wow, that’s awesome. Nice to hear a company doing what they say they’ll do.
      And it makes me feel better about the new Ping driver I just got fitted for. Lol

  2. The Cobra f9 was EASILY the best driver in 2019. You can go get a fitting into your club, the will set it to what suits your swing.

  3. I picked up a Callaway epic speed with a hazardous smoke x stiff shaft fitted for $300 new last year, felt good👍

    1. Bought the same one last year for €250, it was a demo model of the pro shop. Love that driver. It replaced the Cobra Speedzone which I bought new without a fitting. I hated that driver, awful sound and feel, sliced it every other shot. The Callaway was leaps and bounds better.

  4. Very funny, after 2 years of trying I have finally found a workable shaft for my SIM2 and it has been great. TBH is a further hitting driver? Not according to my club GPS tags, my XR16 driver still keeps more distance at 285 yards the SIM2 make 275-280 yards. I personally feel if there zero marketing most PGA conforming hot faced drivers perform well in certain people hands. There is not a magic wand with the purchase. There is a lot to be said too for 1 inch shorter shafts too, control and accuracy wins over 5 yards further every day.

  5. In my opinion if you aren’t loaded or almost a scratch golfer find a second hand club at your local golf stores and save 200-300$ but for irons 1000% get fitted for your swing

  6. Haven’t watched the video yet but for me (have only been playing for 2 years) it was eye opening to see how much of a difference the correct shaft can make with your driver.

  7. The difference in past few years models is theyre fast all the way across the face. If youre hitting it in the middle every time you could use an Original Big Bertha and be fine.

  8. This is the second TaylorMade stealth driver I’ve seen a YouTuber break for this year’s model… TaylorMade azz cheeks now. The itobori’s are also cheeks that he bought. The actual best is: Callaway Paradym triple diamond driver and 3 wood and Miura irons

  9. I don’t understand why this channel isn’t bigger. The quality of content is right up there. Great work team, once again!

  10. I bought the Wilson Dynapower Carbon ( from Golfbidder ) after your reviews = yes even after you smashed the face in !!!
    Have to add I bloomin love it !

  11. I’ve just started playing within the last 4-5 months ( I did play as a kid up till about 15-16) but that was 40 odd years ago. I bought some second hand clubs from ebay as starter clubs with the view to buy better clubs when I’m good enough to benefit from them.
    I bought a set of Calaway x12 irons for £60 a Taylormade RBZ 5 wood ( dinked and scratched for £25) a Jetspeed HL 3 wood (slightly less dinked and scratched for £25 ) a couple of hours with an airbrush fixed that. And a near mint Mizuno SP630 10.5 with the weight adjustment for £30.
    The Taylomade Jetspeed HL 3 wood is brilliant and I hit it straighter and as far as my Driver.
    I’m not about to spend 100s on a new driver and fitting but the lure of a Jetspeed 13deg HL driver is beginning to eat away at me.

  12. I brought a second hand (but barely used) callaway big Bertha B21 for 150 quid, I call it the big bomber and I absolutely love it!

  13. Very entertaining Peter plus good information! Well done! And .. . who IS that other guy? Poor bastard…. You must pay more attention to your hopeful students 😊

  14. I looked on Golf Bidder and depending on the quality of the club the price varies. Cheap one normally doesn’t have a great club face. Grips you can change but it’s important to have a decent club face.

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