23 ways to IMPROVE YOUR GOLF right now!

My list of 23 ways you can improve your right now! These are my top suggestions to improve your and lower your scores. A huge thanks to partners of the Shot Scope for supporting us and making this video take place. For more info on Shot Scope, inspect them out here:

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23 ways to IMPROVE YOUR GOLF right now!

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  1. For any golfer knowing how far you hit each club for me was the most important tip … just buy a cheap gps watch and an afternoon down the range to get the average distance of each club and you will see an improvement in your game straight away next time you get on the golf course… Guaranteed

  2. Hey Peter! Thank you for this video, short but so informative. Have been watching a lot of your videos ever since my wrist injury, hoping to play competitive golf as soon as my wrist heals!

  3. Great tips Pete. I’ve been playing 40 years and I have used a lot of different shots. The flop shot always was easy for me. Love that shot. Has gone wrong a few times but not a lot. Never took a lesson because it was always out of my price range. Love this game. I have found that your lessons and of course some of your mates to be very helpful. Thank you sir for the help.

    1. When I started playing in the early 90s, I had 4 clubs and my most lofted was a 9 iron. I could play flop shots with it through necessity. I can still use a 9 iron to put a ball over a clothesline from less than 10ft away. Probably the best tip I have for young golfers is get good at the short game by using one or two clubs like a 9 iron and a sand wedge only or something. You learn the fundamentals of chipping, pitching, flop shots, bunker shots etc. by having to adjust your technique, setup, wrist action, club face etc.

    1. I hate driving in a golf cart especially sharing one. Mainly because my mind is never in the right place when I get to my ball. I play in Queensland and summer is very hot and humid so sometimes I have to give in and cart though.

  4. I shot 45 on the front 9 yesterday the best I have ever shot i can only manage 9 holes at present due to severe spinal stenosis but I’ve used alot of tips from Pete’s previous content on the channel to get to that stage and I was on the way to break 100 but I’m sure I was on for break 90 yesterday until my body just said no so thanks for the tips Pete you are my fav YouTube golfer 💪💯⛳

  5. Just something I feel as a 12 handicap golf with approach shots being left short of the green. I play occasionally on few courses where the greens are like mushroom tops on all sides but the front. Missing left/right is a coin flip on whether you keep it on the green or it runs out. Missing long is almost always worse as you will have no chance of keeping from running back off the front. I error on the side of missing short to give a good chance at an up/down. Long story short I hate those greens, as they force me to play uber conservative to prevent posting doubles. I typically stay away from those courses but sometimes its the only option. Also why are these damn mushroom greens always the smallest ones too?

    1. True. Also when you are playing an an unfamiliar course it is not often possible to see what trouble lurks with a left, right, or long miss.

  6. Sand your grips lightly as a temporary fix. And the feel of a nice tacky grip reminds you how much better fresh grips are so it encourages you to replace them.

  7. My advice. BREATHE, when getting set up take a deep breath to help gain mental focus but also become less tense. This especially helps when your tempo is getting to quick, if you’ve had a bad shot, or need to refocus.

  8. This is another brilliant video, really well presented !! You guys are smashing it with the content and quality of the vids at the minute 👏👏👏

  9. One of my best rounds of Golf was when I just stepped up to the ball after quickly working out what I wanted to do and then no more than 2 seconds over the ball before hitting it. This worked for me because it didn’t give me time to second guess myself. Worked especially well on putting. You watch players spend 30 seconds working out what to do and then 30 seconds over the ball. Never seems to work out well for them. Good video with a lot of good tips. One thing about the first alignment tip, it doesn’t matter if the club and your feet are correct if your shoulders are open. Big issue for many people.

  10. Ah yes, the dreaded dehydration. That’s why i always carry with me a 6 pack of fermented barley water drinks for every 9 holes that i play. If i need to hit the loo twice per hole, i know that i am sufficiently hydrated. Great Tip!

  11. Some great tips here that I definitely will be taking away with me. I have decided to change my approach when playing golf. Changing my grip has seen me be more consistent with ball striking, instead of toeing, topping, or hitting pit of the heal. I will be working and filming myself going forward.

  12. Love the tips. I just went and grabbed some Srixton Z star balls looking for a bit more feel compared my calaway super softs yesterday. That combined with lot of games over the last 3 months I finally broke 90. Shot an 84! Love the videos and all the guides that have helped my game. Currently went from a 18 H/C to a 15 after that round. Didnt even loose a ball.

  13. Great video, I felt it to be informative,and helpful big time about the mentality aspects 👍my friend


  14. So true about walking a golf course, it just puts you in touch with the course in such a cool way. Really gets me focused on the game.


  15. Awesome video as always. The other issue with the mindless practicing at the range is if you’re doing a bad swing 100x without actually stopping and changing it, you’re just developing terrible muscle memory – and making the work to fix your swing way harder down the road.


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