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  1. If you’ve never heard an F bomb on a golf course then I’d have to argue you’ve never actually been on a golf course.

    1. I think I’ve played in a foursome where the only verbalizations were different versions of the F bomb

    2. Ain’t that the truth.

      I’ve invoked all kinds of deities over the course of 18🤘😂

    3. @Gord Berry Some of my international friends here give me “The Look” when I introduce her as being “A Texan” so I know they are prepared for when her round goes South. She is like a mix between Yosemite Sam and Betty Boop depending on how well she hit her shot.

  2. I’d lover to see Rahm play this shot ten times. I’ll bet he can’t pull it off with no pressure more than once, at most, if at all. But I guess he wanted to become a legend.

    1. And the wind wasn’t going the way he needed it, poor decision but rahms Is a great golfer.

  3. You know that caddy is thinking, “and I’m the one carrying the clubs.”

    The golfer is thinking “yeah, yeah you’re still stupid because you’re carrying the clubs.”

    1. Austin J I love how people try to use complex language to portray supposed superior intellect. I don’t feel the need to do that and I am a qualified lawyer with a masters in finance running my own 25m gbp turnover company.

    2. @K B if it’s one thing I learned about good lawyers is they are good liars. I didn’t need a masters degree to learn that.

    3. I’m a year late to the replies, but did we decide who pissed the furthest? Happy to not play a round with these vacuums

  4. I watched this live …

    This was Priceless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Should have hit a punch 3 wood to keep it under the tree and skip it over the water, rookie mistake

    1. 200 yards? that literally a perfect distance for the flat stick that’s just bad caddying

    1. @SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE damn straight about that. It’s not even close

    2. @Matt Neil who knew that golf was such a dangerous sport. Maybe if you conduct your life in a classy way OFF the course, it’ll carry over in the course. Jack is THE example of this – when people try to compare the two I can only laugh as I know they have no knowledge of Jacks history. No one’s even close to him

    3. @@MericanMadeSoldier uhhh. He’s not even close. Jacks the GOAT, Tiger is just a lamb compared to him. Look up their stats AND compare what they do OFF the course. He dominates in every arena

    4. @Roger Dixon tiger changed the game. Bet if he was white you’d say he’s the best.

  6. that’s one of those times you know that caddy was smiling inside like “told you so, punk”

  7. Lesson 1. Listen to your caddy. They’re not just there to carry your bag. They learn every inch of that course and advise accordingly.

    1. @Enter Joyce. I’m hurt by that statement because as you can see I spent a lot of time and effort explaining my opinion all for you to say that it was incoherent. Then it must have been stupid of me to even try to explain myself to people like you, who couldn’t get a concept even if it was explained slowly to you with shapes and colors.

    2. @T. Ryan T. Ryan, that’s a bit of a stretch, isn’t it? I have a different opinion than you, so I don’t understand golf?

      Based on your response, I can only assume it would be a waste of time to get into a YouTube debate with you, but I will use this opportunity to respond to a couple of others who I think have misinterpreted my position. The caddie was clearly right and it was definitely his job to make Rham aware of his thoughts. I actually think he might have given up too quickly in trying to convince him, but it was not his job to react visibly when Rham disagreed. It wasn’t horrible which is why I said he “almost” went too far, but it was obvious and it was before the shot was taken, which seems foolish to me. That’s the kind of thing you argue about in private and you would have every right to do so. To do it in front of the spectators and the TV cameras was not the correct way to handle it.

  8. Rahm’s caddy: play it smart and safe Rahm, I’ll show you the correct play.

    Rahm: Hold My Beer……

  9. “I was so sure of it the first time”…as if the caddy disagreeing made the ball go in the water. It had no chance to begin with. His ego took over and cost him.

  10. “I was so f’ing sure the first time”. He is stating that he hit it poorly because the caddie doubted him.

    1. Yup, and it really is as stupid as it sounds. Terrific player, but that’s just diva crap.

  11. At least he doesn’t have to spend the rest of his life wondering what would’ve happened if he hit that shot.

    1. So true! In life we only regret those things we didn’t do, not the things we did that didn’t work out.

  12. Can’t lay it up for a safe next shot because of the lie (according to him) but then tries to get it up and down with that same lie….priceless

  13. “Im not comfortable with a short, easy wedge to the fairway from this lie. I’m more comfortable hitting an 8-iron 170 yards with a 60 yard hook around the tree and over the water”

    1. @touristguy87 Still a chance that he might’ve made the wrong decision though. I understand the fact that everyone would be praising him as a hero had he pulled it off.

  14. I play with a guy who regularly says, “I didn’t come here to lay up.” I beat him by 5 strokes in nearly every round we play. Ego controls golfers at all levels, and we can all relate.

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