Jon Rahm golf swing

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  1. Completely of 90″ zona swing he did…nice shallow when he take the club’ back and pitch a lag from left hand and keep the balance pivot to left muscle power…
    Did he used a base ball grip..?

  2. Jon has a far shorter backswing than all the top pros, and it’s amazing that he is one of the longest off the tee. He’s obviously got brute strength and has quickly risen into the top 3 ranked golfers in the world, and should be a Major champion very soon. Having a shorter backswing should also protect him from back issues in the future.

    1. @zzz123kien this is true..if he gains some consistency tho..we could see a major on his resume sooner than later

    2. He is 26, has already won 12 pro tournaments. 5 on the PGA TOUR, he has won the Race to Dubai on the ET in 2019, and is #2 in the world. On top of that, 2/5 wins on the PGA have been in playoff situations, one against Dustin Johnson. Are you really telling me that he can’t perform under pressure? LOLLL

  3. Quel horrible jeu que ce golf : 4 heure de petite voiturette sur gazon, 6 minutes de frappe.
    Et on peut devenir champion en étant bedonnant 😊😅

  4. I remember when I was about 12 years old, teaching myself how to properly hit a ball, I watched countless hours of videos of different swings and this was before pto tracer was a thing and the hardest part for me to mentally accept when learning all this is that your wrists are going to pass the ball before the club head makes contact. I had a bad habit of purposely restraining myself to allow the club head to make contact with the ball and then allow the rest of my follow thru but once I accepted that fact mentally, oh the game became so much more enjoyable. I really hate myself for not pursuing it when I was younger because I absolutely love the game and love playing it.

  5. With all that torque and speed on the downswing, it’s really impressive how he maintains the spine angle.

  6. Thank you so much for this. I thought about it today on the range, and it reminded me of a feel I had three years ago. Started striping it straight down the middle!! Muchas gracias!

  7. The difference between Jon Rahm and other so called golf swing textbook players is on Jon open the right elbow far away from the torso, unlike the others tie the upper arm to the blade bone and hide it behind.
    This is the reason to limit him to have a complete bend back at backswing.
    But the result is excellent,
    I guess he may get the idea from a baseball hitter like this:

  8. This is due to his childhood leg trauma. Had to fix his swing and everything later on in life leading to this type of swing. His right leg is shorter than his left.

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