CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 3)

Keeping the series going! Delighted you men are delighting in these. Stay tuned for more to come in the future.

CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 3)

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  1. I absolutely love how the crowd goes absolutely crazy for a very slow rolling ball, the intensity is through the roof

  2. Vijay’s rock skip type shot for a hole-in-one, absolutely amazing! Phil and Tiger with the magicians touch

    1. John-boy the water skip wouldn’t be a hole in one I don’t think, look where he hit it from, not on the tee

    2. the water skip was during their walk around. i think they a bet on who could skip it closest to the hole

    1. I didn’t like watching it until I started playing and now it’s a lot more interesting

  3. I love how they’re all super skilled but react as if it was pure luck lol. The first 20 seconds was pure insanity. I don’t know how you could even measure that

    1. @Jared Beard Yeah, it’s always a combination. Having skill means that you are able to make calls like that intelligently, and when you get luck on top of that, you can get things like this which are almost impossible otherwise.

  4. I’m by no means a fan of Golf, but even I can appreciate the intensity of such difficult shots. Thank you for putting this together.

  5. 4:16 this is likely the most difficult shot to pull off in these vids; fairway bunker, need to shape it sharply, and hold the green. Unbelievable.

  6. I love the line drive approach shot that goes into the hole. That shot would have gone well past the green if it didn’t hit spot on, and the guy who hit it is just loving his good luck. Nice!

  7. You know what I love most about watching pro golf? The audience doesn’t really have a favorite so much as they are just happy to see any fantastic shot. Cheers are equally distributed to all players, according to their playing skills. Outside of family and friends of any given golfer, the audience is just there to enjoy good golf, regardless of whom is playing.

  8. 3 of these eagle he played were on par 4’s in a single round. It is very possible that this is probably never going to happen again.

  9. Haotong Li. 4 eagles in one round? That’s amazing! I’ve been playing golf many years and I’ve never had one. I googled him and this incredible feat wasn’t even mentioned. There were a lot of great shots in the video. Thanks for putting it together!

  10. Always amazes me that a hole in one is even possible, considering the small size of the ball, the hole and the distance and wind conditions involved. Wish I had that much luck on the lottery !

  11. I’ve always wondered if pros ever just sink the ball on the full sometimes. Like, not even just for a hole in one, but for any sort of mid distance lob shot.
    Nice to finally see what it looks like hahaha

  12. I love when the announcer fails to recognize that Tiger 🐅🐯 never competed with other PGA players, just himself. The best clutch player EVER. Thanks 🐅 Tiger

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