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Collin Morikawa has actually quickly gone far for himself as one of the premier ball strikers on the PGA Trip. In this unique video from the 2020 photoshoot, he breaks down the drills and state of mind that honed his video game with Piers and Andy from .

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How Collin Morikawa Shapes His Irons |

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  1. I love how he keeps things simple … love the guy!
    Also, next time I’m on the course, let’s just do what Rory does and it will al work out πŸ˜€

  2. You two do the best golf pro interviews I’ve ver seen. I wish the USA golf channel would hire you for this

    1. What a great interview! Pierce & Andy really dig into Collins head in such a short span.
      And what a great challenge to that pin love how you guys promote the game of golf, thanks!

  3. Im a fan. He’s a smart guy and he seems to be very grounded. He will have a long career.

  4. That tip abt glove under left arm is what i started to do a few weeks ago and w very solid results. I don’t use a glove because then I get too focused on it, but rather just keep my left bicep very close to my chest on the backswing.

    Works like a charm for deadly accuracy!

  5. During Colonial, I bet him 70-1 in the Masters. Love the maturity and the iron game for Augusta’s back nine. He has plenty of power.

  6. Congrats on the PGA Championship win. I don’t see it often but he’s a special golfer, already at 23.

  7. Joins Jack and Tiger in winning his 1st major at the age of 23. Special kid, going to be a force on tour for decades to come. Congrats from the Philippines.

  8. Dang you guys are great! Thanks for putting Collin up to the test. I’m here because Collin just won the PGA Championship.
    He has another fan. Golf has just gotten a bit more spicier.

  9. What a top man Collin Morikawa is. Intelligent, amiable, eloquent and now a major champion.

  10. The glove drill is great…Picked him to win a major…check, doubled my bet for 2 majors I think he’ll win masters depending on his putting..or Dj could go on a heater and destroy every course but Boston is a long hitters course

    1. @Hosoi Archives Concur. Collin is a nice kid with a good game. Tiger was a generational (or more) talent and a stone cold killer competitor.

    2. @Michael Zdanis I completely agree but I feel like it’s this reaction more because he’s the closest thing to Tiger since Tiger. It’s like Kobe getting compared to MJ, not really a contest but a lot of similar qualities

  11. <3 Collin he's so chill and seems a nice bloke... Both him & Wolff are a great role model for young adults and represent the sport so well.

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