Dustin Johnson VS. Collin Morikawa 2-Club Challenge | TaylorMade Golf

and , COME ON DOWN! DJ and Collin are here to play a little two-club difficulty on a 400-yard par-4 hole. Watch as two of the best player's on the planet go head-to-head in this (which required a few extra obstacles to settle the rating).

VS. 2-Club Challenge | TaylorMade

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  1. “Did you see it”

    “Yeah, it’s right next to it”

    “Yeah that’s what I thought…..I knew where it was” LMAOOOO

  2. Think this one was my favorite TM video. These guys couldn’t be more different in personality, play style, age etc..but get along. Love to see it

  3. We rarely get to see emotion from DJ. These videos are gold! He always looks like he is having fun with these challenges haha

    1. ​@Justie1220 I can spin back 100 yarders with my putter using a top flite at st andrews from the rough

    2. I remember caddying for someone in his flight and him introducing himself to me.
      Like I didn’t know who he was 😂
      He was joking quite a lot back then

  4. Love the sassy “did you see it?” comment by Collin. We need these guys mic’d up more often.

  5. Taylormade is KILLING IT with these videos.
    it makes the brand, and the game of golf so much more ‘personable’

    1. @Silver Power I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. They go to all this trouble to produce amazing content but they don’t throw shot tracer on there??

    2. @pulsar_ I know. I seen a guy with 1k subs have a tracer on every shot of a 18 hole round like wtf

  6. DJ: “Should carry that bunker though”
    Says that while not even looking at the ball… what a legend lol

  7. Can we just appreciate how far Dustin hits the ball, he hits a rescue like most hit driver.

  8. Perfect example of the amazing golf content we’re all looking for! Love the sudden death playoff towards the end too. Spices it up. Well done!!

  9. I love how DJ is planting seeds in Collins head constantly. But Collin has ice water in his veins and showed everyone yesterday at the open he is going to be a force to be reckoned with for decades to come.

  10. Colin “You hitting an easy one?”

    DJ “What do you mean??”

    Love it. Two different ways to play golf. Both succesful

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