Collin Morikawa wins The Open | Full Highlights

is The Champion Enthusiast of the Year after he produced a stunning final-day charge to win The at Royal St George's.

The American beat Jordan Spieth by two shots in the Sandwich sunshine after a perfect round of 66 to take house the Claret Container on his Open launching.

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wins | Full Highlights

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  1. An amazing debut at The Open!
    Move over fellas you need room for one more at the top table!

  2. Haven’t really seen an iron player like this since Tiger. If his putting stays this good, more majors are coming.

    1. Totally agree with this assessment. I believe he was near the top in putting stats this week, with his accuracy off the tee and approach play – Colin basically just wins if he has a good putting week.

      Unfortunately, every time I bet on him he has a bad putting week, and when I skip him he has a good one!

      Such an exciting player to watch, and he seems incredibly smart and humble for his age. I know these guys get a lot of media training, but he comes across very very well.

    2. @Adam Blakley yeah his putting was woeful at the Scottish Open, who would have bet on him after that week?

    3. @The Champion’s Path Prime Tiger could do anything Nicklaus could do with an iron, and more. I agree with you that Jack belongs in the conversation. But when it comes to irons, Tiger is the goat.

    4. @The Champion’s Path Never said he was alone. And I’m not here to discredit anyone. But your comment about equipment is based on “if”. Well, they had what they had. Taking that into consideration… Tiger Woods. And honestly, I think you know it.

    1. That’s the way you win tournaments by being kool and collective. Tiger was very cool and collective and I miss him very much. These modern day guys just font have it like he did nor fi they interview like him, he always put in positive words for golf no matter how bad he played. Now with those 2 clown arguing all the time is hurting their games. They need to stop that and work on there short games. Both short games suck now.

    2. @Kha Le Yo How Did I get into this conversation, the young Player Collin will win more tournaments hes so kool.

  3. Congrats to Collin Morikawa. Just proves that distance isn’t all. You have to be precise, and boy is he ever.

    1. @Adam Blakley the advantage you get playing from the short grass is immense. This fact was proven this weekend. He might be hitting a 6 instead of an 8 or a 9, but with his accuracy, I don’t see a problem for Colin. He has superb recovery skills, so as you say, his all-around game won’t care about tee boxes going 10-20 yards away from the hole.

    2. @ib0o0 I disagree. There are few courses this punishing from the rough. There are many courses where distance is a huge advantage even if it’s not that accurate. I’m not talking about spraying the course, but if you’re just a degree or two off here you’re screwed.

    3. @Jeffrey Youngblood how long is too long? This played at 7,100 yards roughly. The course at his PGA Championship win played roughly at 7,200 yards. How long is too long? I do not think 15-20 yards per hole are going to be a big difference for this young man. The longest courses ever played were at roughly 7,600 yards. As I said, change an 8 for a 6, and he should be OK.

    4. Everyone plays a fade now. Courses were made to make it difficult for draw players over the last 15 years.

    1. When Collin was walking to the 18th hole, he look like a general with his man following in the army.

  4. your favorite ball striker’s favorite ball striker. so pumped for Collin! and shoutout to Royal St. George’s for a wonderful tournament. proper test, identified the best, most skilled player in the field. can’t wait until next year!!

  5. Morikawa is exactly what golf needs. Young, ambitious, confident and yet humble and gracious. What a champ! Unbelievable he won two majors in his debut on both events. Move over tiger, this might be the man to challenge Nicklaus record in majors. Exciting!!!

    1. The same was said about Rory. Hold your horses. The consistency Tiger showed is yet to be matched. Leave this kid do his thing. He has the potential,, but he has a lot to prove before being in the conversation with Jack and TW.

    2. @ib0o0 he actually seems way more consistent than Rory. I know it’s early but two majors in his first two debuts is nothing to sneeze at. Pardon me for being excited. But I’m a big fan.

    3. @Jeffrey Youngblood Rory had four Majors by age 25. His drought came afterwards. I understand the feat to win two Majors while debuting in both of them, but he has to keep doing it for a very long time. I like him very much too, I’m just cautious.

  6. He has made golfing history by being the only player to win two majors on their debut. This guy is going to dominate for years to come.

  7. Morikawa just makes golf look so easy! Drive the fairway, hit an iron on to the green, preferably right next to the pin, then hole the putt. Simple as that. Great player, he’s gonna win a ton more if he carries on playing like this.

  8. Congrats Colin. Two majors under your belt. Lots of players never even win a major. Amazing

  9. remember following him at pebble in 2019. then he signed my flag after his round. so happy he’s becoming a legend

  10. I wish these majors were spread and spaced out more evenly throughout the season. They’ve had 3 in a row now all within an 8 week span.. and now we wait 9 months till the next one!

    1. @papagrge That’s the problem with having all 4 majors in the northern hemisphere, not to mention 3 in the same country which is a complete joke for what is becoming a global sport. There should be a major that rotates through South Africa and Australia/NZ (there’s your November-January tournament) plus Japan and South Korea.

    2. Yeah, I’d prefer to see the PGA Championship in late September/early October, but I think some of the resistance to it may be the unwillingness to go up against the NFL in the broadcast ratings game.

    3. @thefisherman007 The Olympics were in Rio, golf had no say in the matter. An actual major championship can be taken to golfing strongholds. Americans seemed to enjoy the last Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne because it showcased a world-class course and crowds of diehard golf fans starved of big events during TV prime time in December.

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