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  1. Fckn Lllll…..if you make less than $609 a week, can I still enjoy that super casual sport?

    1. To much hip rotation on a back swing causes left shoulder to drop leading to many faults, also his hip rotation on the way out was outstanding which is where most power comes from with technique.

  2. I thought club head should be below the line, behind the line – on the take away

  3. I donโ€™t even see why we need it in slow motion. His backswing is already incredibly slow ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. These swing analyzing do not help at all. Every lesson should be about how golfer should feel like, not about how the swing should look like.

  5. Iโ€™ve never played a drive shot like that thanks looks like itโ€™s going to work especially on a lynx course

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