You Can’t Help But Have Lag When You Do This

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You Can't Help But Have Lag When You Do This

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed . Good luck with your .

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You Can't Help But Have Lag When You Do This

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  1. looks just like what tommy fleetwood does…trying to figure out how to do this w driver 🙁 can’t seem to not hit it right, i can do it with irons fine

  2. I’ve been a TSG member for several years and I can say without a doubt that the knuckle dragger drill was one of the more pivotal drills in the program for me. Really good stuff.

  3. Watched a few of these videos you make it so simple going to try on the range and will report back.

    One question should you be having lag with the driver as well. Or is it different if you are supposed to swing up on the ball?

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