Weight Shift Sequence in the golf swing #shorts

You want to feel like you begin with a little bit more pressure on the within the right foot, I like to feel it on my toe right here, just on the within the toe. For me, I raise my left toe and get my weight bumping to the right prior to I even move the club. I recommend beginning with a little bit more weight on your right foot … about 55, 60% on your best foot.

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Weight Shift Sequence in the swing #shorts

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    1. However…great video. Im in SC and off to our range to try it.. FYI this is the second video on this subject. What I like is your addition, which seems logical, is the flattening out of the club. I remember your video awhile back where you talked about letting your elbow drop like someone is beating you in an arm wrestle. Now its like doing the early weight shift, moving left knee out, tucking right elbow in and shallowing out club.. and dropping (R) shoulder down….whew alot…oh, and attacking from the inside and finishing high on the left side…Thanks for your great help. We’re all shaking it out here!!

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