Top 10: Shots in Champions Tour history

Take a look at the shots of all time on the Trip (omitting majors), including players like Chi Rodriguez, Fuzzy Zoeller, Lee Trevino, Hale Irwin and Jack Nicklaus.

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: Shots in history

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  1. Shots 10 and 9 were boring, but the 8th at 1:10 is just amazing.
    And I love how Jack Nicklaus is neither boastful of his abilities, nor falsely modest. He’s brilliant, he knows it, he doesn’t brag, but he doesn’t play it down either. What a golfer.

  2. Pavin’s shot was just absolutely ridiculous. Zoeller’s shot was just amazing for ball physics alone. Same with Irwin’s approach. These guys are just amazing with the golf ball.

  3. Pavin’s shot was just ridiculous given the circumstances of being on top of the leaderboard at the time. number 1 in my book.

  4. Pretty sure if we left the aesthetics of all the shots to a different category and just focus on sheer level of difficulty alone, Pavin’s and Langer’s would be the top two in this list

  5. Pavins shot may be one of the greatest up and downs in golf history. How it’s #6 is beyond me

    1. too me, it has to be number 1. All the variables: being right not left handed. The lie, up against a tree root, and then turn you right handed club face around, and come up with a left handed tempo and rhythmic swing, plus the hardest part which was “make contact”. Not good contact, perfect contact. Easily number 1. I’m not sure anyone on the PGA Tour being right handed come have accomplished that

    2. As someone who’s been playing golf for over 45 years Pavin’s shot definitely took the most skill of the ten. I guess since it wasn’t a hole out or to win the tournament it didn’t get as much love.

      About 25 years ago I was taking the PAT (playing ability test) to get into the PGA Apprentice Program and faced a similar shot on the next to last hole of the 2 day qualifying tournament. In the PAT the PGA section running it sets a 36 hole target score based on the slope and course rating of the course, so you’re not trying to beat other players but match or get under the target score. I blocked my drive into the right trees on the par 5 17th, punched out and had a 5ir left for my 3rd. I blocked it again down a hill almost into a creek (i was getting my choke on). My ball nestled between a rock and a root with no way to make good contact right handed. I thought about taking an unplayable but decided to flip my wedge over and try to advance the ball up the hill as far as possible (and back onto grass) and hope to get it up and down for bogey. If I make double I would have had no room for error on 18 as I would need a par to hit the target score and pass the test (18th was #1hdcp hole). I made perfect contact and got it all of the way up the hill and onto the fringe and then sank the 20ft putt for the best par in my life. I went on to pipe one down the middle on 18, center of the green and 2 putt for par to pass by 2 shots. Oh yeah, I holed out from the left rough on the 1st hole of the day from 120yds out for an eagle which gave me that 2 shot cushion coming down the stretch as I was leaking a little oil on the back nine.

    3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they rate these shots by the “moment”. Most of the shots ahead of his are to win a tournament.

      With that said, if Pavin’s went in, I’m sure that would boost it to #1 πŸ˜‰

  6. Anyone care to explain to me how pavins shot is not only the greatest recovery on the champions tour, but of any golf tournament ever. Left handed, against a tree stop, only half the ball showing, in the lead, has to up and down, over a hill with no flag visibility….and he puts it within 5 feet. Incredible

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