This “Trunk” Drill Makes it Easy to Stop Rushing Your Downswing

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This "Trunk" Drill Makes it Easy to Stop Hurrying Your Downswing

I anticipate working with you a lot more in the future with . Good luck with your .

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This "Trunk" Drill Makes it Easy to

Golf Swing
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  1. Show getting ready to hit back a tennis ball to your opponent. Is it the same for hitting a golf ball?

  2. Hi Clay at last after 80 years doing it all wrong in seconds thanks to you I may break 90 .Where were you the last 80 years LOL but better late than never Thank you so much

  3. Oh goodness๐Ÿ˜ฎ, you hit my problem right on the head!!!! Thank you for this video ๐Ÿ“น.

  4. This is MAJOR good – watching you over the years has completely changed my game!! Thank you

  5. Thanks Clay your videos have been a tremendous help in improving my game. I watch a video and can’t wait to go to the driving range. Your the best.

  6. So, “lag and snap”. ๐Ÿ™‚ Had to give up tennis, so back to golf after 25 years. Amazing how much great info is now available via YouTube, and it looks like you are consistently delivering the same info as the pro’s who seem to have the best stuff for all the areas I’ve looked at so far. Enjoyed your “physics” approach to tennis and am now encouraged that I can solve most of the issues that ran me out of the game so long ago. Thanks!

  7. I’ve called it “cracking the whip” and when it all comes together at the ball, it’s pretty darned good! My mistake, waiting too long to begin the downswing. I believe that your beautiful illustration will help me to accomplish the goal of maximum club head speed at the ball much more consistently. Thank you once again Clay for another phenomenal golf lesson!!! “Top Speed Golf” has already helped my game immensely.

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