This Simple Forearm Move Will Transform Your Golf Swing

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This Simple Forearm Move Will

I anticipate working with you much more in the future with . Good luck with your .

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This Simple Forearm Move Will

Golf Swing
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  1. Can’t even explain how much clay has helped my swing the last 2 years. Maine doesn’t allow many months of golf so need to have the best advice to practice when it’s possible

  2. Excellent job Clay in explaining and demonstrating this simple forearm move in the golf swing! I really liked your analogy of “banging your right fist into a desk” as part of this move. I do focus on my left forearm rotation in the downswing, but now I have a method to get my right arm more correctly involved in the downswing! This tip definitely goes along your line of teaching in the Top Speed Golf System which I have been a part of for a number of years!

  3. Jeez, I was a 71 year old hacker who couldn’t hit my butt with a baseball bat on the course. I was ready to catch Covid and quit. But then I listened to Prof. Henry Hills video on how to twist yourself into a pretzel,,complete with email testimonials pictures and graphics from all sorts of Jack-n-apes,, and golly gosh jee wiz,, now I know I can play the piccalio by just pretending! THANKS PROFESSOR!!!!!

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