This Pitch Shot “Cheat” Deletes Chunks and Thins

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This Pitch Shot "Cheat" Deletes Chunks and Thins

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This Pitch Shot "Cheat" Deletes Chunks and Thins

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  1. Great tip Clay! As a self taught golfer it took me decades to realize that the short game is the key to lower scores. Slow learner I know. Can’t hit as far anymore but I can chip and pitch better then I ever have.

    1. Very good external cue. I have a very good short game. I keep my pivot point very quiet and swing around it making sure my club head returns to it’s address position. No bobbing or swaying, I control distance with changing length of backswing with same Tempo and rhythm

  2. You overestimate my abilities. Yes….from time to time my line is embarrassingly off even for short chips and pitches.

  3. Thanks so much for this video! I stumbled onto much the same technique, especially the feeling of “tossing” the ball, and it has greatly helped my scoring. Your video helped me realize that when I am not pitching well, it is because I have strayed away from the techniques you have laid out, and using the string helps me get back on track.

  4. I was just thinking about doing something like this. Truthfully I was thinking of a leash n prong collar setup because…well, it worked with my Doberman and he was as stubborn as I am.

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